The Roy Shivers firing!!!

I am disgusted with the timing and decision to let Roy Shivers go. What is wrong with the Riders Board of Directors??? Shivers is the only reason why half these players even play for the Riders!!! He is the only reason why this team is respectable, why they are actually competative. When he came here the Riders had 3 wins the previous year, he then put them into the playoffs 4 years in a row....missing the Grey Cup by a mere 18 yard field goal. WHAT A JOKE. Nice move Jim Hopson. Shivers was even planning on scouting for the Riders while he was retired, you can kiss that plan goodbye. Just watch and see how many players lay down for the rest of the year now that Shivers is gone. How long will it be until Barret goes, I'll say...when he looses his next game. Barret was the problem .. NOT SHIVERS!!!

If the rest of the players "lay down for the rest of the year now that Shivers is gone", then to hell with them.....they're not team players, obviously. Good riddance, I say.

they fired a great man, shivers was always able to find good black QBs and exciting skill position players.

Shivers has done zip for the Riders since they went to the Western Final. He stood pat while the other teams improved.

I suspect the reason they are playing for the Riders is that they are making a nice paycheck. Judging by the 4.5m payroll and the list of no names and under achievers on that team, its clear that they aren't here because of Shivers.

Which QB's were those and why aren't they with the Riders anymore?

Burris.....fallout with Shiv
Butler.....third string bench decoration for five years

....yeah, that is a good solid recent black QB track record.....anyone care to add to the list?

AS a GM not only do you have to find great talent, especially at qb but you have to keep that talent within the organization.

Good luck, Eric Tillman, trying to find/keep the type of talent that Shivers did in REGINA edited

excellent black Qbs' - burris - future mvp

joseph- excellent dual threat

crandell - excellent, won a grey cup.

bruce eugene - rookie from black gollege grambling, he is a future star and top pocket passer

shivers has an eye for talent, and im glad he always tries to help out brothas.

Barrette's gotta be shaking in his booties right now. Shivers was the only reason Barrette is still with the Riders. Anything short of a Grey Cup and he will be turfed.

Shivers should have fired Barret, I agree.....

I can find as many white QB bumbs as blacks. I take that back I can find more...

Burris- Couldn't keep him in Regina, as a gm it's very important to keep talent like this within the organization.

Joseph - Got from Ottawa, everyone was aware what he could do. Wouldn't have got him if Ottawa didn't fold.

Crandell - When the Riders got him he was just a back-up and has never shown any greatness with the Riders.

Eugene - Yet to show anything.

Kevin Glenn...

Why did u have to bring the "black" part up man...? Does that even matter...

I'm not saying that Kevin Glenn is bad, but what has he done to prove anything. He is far from stellar.

I can agree that Barret has been the problem, and I also don't necassarily like the timing, but, as we all know now, what was Shivers doing to try and keep any of the 13 players in their option year and the other 30 who are in their last year of the contract?

This decision had little to do with the play this year, but what the future will hold. By the way, Jim is a CEO, looking after the financial side, the GM looks after the football side, and the board are the ones who made this decision, not Jim, like him or not.

Aside from that, Shivers was far too close to the players and coaching staff to effectively do his job. Just look at the reaction of Barret and the players. This is a business, all be it not an easy one, but this is part of football, and the players and coaches better step up if they want to play anywhere, little own here.

A perfect opportunity to show how professional this team can be, or not.