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Unfortunately we all witnessed another great cfl game smeared by bushleague officiating. i dont write on here, much less even look at other posts anymore because its too frustrating. However, after saturdays brutal, embarassing display i had to get this off my chest.

I take you back a couple years to a beautiful fall day in Regina. We were all set to welcome "gappy" (burris) back to Regina and clearly he was having a rough time of things, for the first part of the game. As is the norm with a player like him, you rattle him with a hit or big play, and he may never recover all game. So the mantra has been towards him since, get in his face, rattle him and what comes of it is him faltering and making mistakes. A great equation which we have all seen happen to him time and time again. I cant remember when exactly it happened, but after i believe david benefield layed out hank, hank ran crying to dave yule (one of the many pawns the cfl has installed over the years), and yule was all ears. benefield then came over, and as i have counted thousands of time since, patted hank on his helmet. Well Yules eyes shot open like a kid on christmas morn and that falg came out quicker than matt dunigans coaching career.Penalty. Roughriders. Major Foul. 15 yards. Momentum gone. Players second guessing themselves all game. Hank left to cruise free and easy. 

        I could on and on, but I guess the point im trying to make is its a corrupt league. Im not old, im 23 but I have been watching this league and my Roughriders since i was still wearing diapers. I am also an avid college football (state side) watcher and hey, who cant resist the odd nfl game? You can call a penalty on almost any football play if you look hard enough. But penalties are supposed to be called when they effect the outcome of the play at hand. To start off with Wes Cates 30 some yard run being taken back by a terrible phantom holding call alerted me that in addition to beating the stumps, we would also have to beat tsn(cuthbert and suitor who will NEVER call out bad calls) and the refs. That is a huge statement call at the beginning of the game, but we are made quickly to foget about it. Americans watching these games, and im sure there are plenty, must have a real good laugh sometimes. When refs in american college or the nfl make a mistake they are accountable. The commentators dont shy away from it becuase they know its important. cuthbert, suitor and refs however probably all get the same colored paycheque. 

No one in the league wants the Roughriders to finish first. Sure they want us to have a hardworking team that the fans can spend money on, but dont give us too much. Im not even talk about that Chick hit because anyone with half a brain in their head knows we got jobbed. plain and simple jobbed. and whoever comes on here tellin me to stop whining i have one thing to say, open your eyes.
So much more to say, but getting physically ill thinking of tsn. Im sure some of you will want to weigh in on this and i look foward to it. but please, if your going to argue my point, dont just call me a whiner. prove me wrong, i dare you.

Toon Town Rider fan from SECTION 28!

But Cuthbert, suitor and, apparently (I say this because I didn't see it - only read about it), the panel after the game all said it was a bad call. Did I miss something or did you?

WELL SAID GNOME I can bet big red gets fined by the leauge by monday 10am don't worry even tho he is a fornow behind the scenes guy him and taman will get in the leagues ear about some of once again poor reffing and maybe get refunded for ANDYS chiro bill this week for when his head was nearly pulled off backwards

Good posts.

I also started off life being a football fan in diapers, and in the end I will still be a football fan...... back in

Cuthbert and Suitor were both really into the game, ( who wasn't) immediately after the appalling and bogus call Cuthbert said to Suitor in a cynical tone: "But it is football isn't it?"

Kinda made me feel a little better having the usually reserved and unbiased Cuthbert express some disgust .

The team's playing awesome and improving weekly, I still think we've got the best shot at 1st.

conspiracy theories? really? there is no one team that is being helped or hindered. to think otherwise only makes me question your mental stability. you think the riders are the only ones who get bad calls against them, and burris is the only qb they protect. well you open your eyes, cause you obviously have not watched a game other than the ones the riders are in. i do believe not too long ago calgary got screwed on a similar call in hamilton...only QP was running the ball and almost got a first down and we got a penalty for hitting him to stop him from getting the first. i was present at the game and have seen it and will not argue anymore about whether chick deserved the call cause no one wearing green will ever agree, but the hold was pretty blatant it was your receiver that held our hb to allow cates to run for 30. the refs did not stop you from winning John Chick single handedly took the game out of your hands. Anyone refusing to think otherwise is nothing short of ignorant.

Oh yeh, I wear green, but after reading some of your so called "eye witness accounts" on the field of play you should be wearing glasses.

haha whine all you want the result is the same you call out the stamps for whining. but in reality the only ones whining after all this is the rider fans. it was a great game i cant understand why you guys are being so difficult about this the rules are on the cfl website have you read this years rule book? if not i suggest you do and than come back and continue to make personal attacks cause thats all youll have the call is justified by the rule book...dont like it get 100000 signatures and see if the league will even give you a moment of their time to make a guess is they wont

Ya the conspiracy thing is a little overboard. And I think for the most part, as annoying as Suits is, you can see his bias toward Sask in most games. But when it comes to Henry, for some reason Suiter just can't help but proclaim his man crush for all of Canada to see. Even over the Riders! LoL

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Sorry, Mr. Foe -- you seem to be speaking but nobody is listening.

jkob are you dumb??? the rule says that the player can not be hit if he is not trying to advance the play... Burris on the other hand was clearly trying to get up when chick decided he needed to rethink that. what if chick would have slowed down and touched burris but burris was on his feet and hands with his knees in the air??? then burris one of the most elusive QB's in the game would have been able to make a play. that was the wrong call and you know it. nothing we can do about it. but it was the wrong call!

Let's be honest about this, Chick made a moronic decision. I consider John to be a very level headed and clean player but he made a mistake. With Hank flat on his back all Chick had to do was place a hand on him and the play would have been blown dead. BTW, Hank is a whiner! Almost every time he throws an incompletion he runs down the field and gets in the official's face. Instead of Smiling Hank his monicker really should be Whining Hank.

at least your able to shake off your bias and see the play as it was which is a first in this ssk forum i commend you for being able to suck it up and see the call for what it was :thup: looks like your in trouble against the lions tho

no trouble, We won.

So, we have to cheer for a Stamps win over BC...............uhg.

I've never stooped to a lower level.

It is unfortunate that Chick got the penalty but it did not cause Calgary to get the touchdown. The Rider D could have held them to a field goal but couldn't. I think we all know the refs have been inconsistent this year. That being said, it sure was one of the best rider games I have seen in years.