The ROUGH Stuff Returns in 2014

A nostalgic video, with a mix of the Ottawa new stadium !! :thup:

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Brings back flashbacks of Old School; Ottawa :rockin:

I keep hoping that they'll be called the Rough Riders once again, but I know that has about a 0.0000001% chance of happening. Still, can't wait for the return of football to Ottawa. I know I'll be there the first time the Cats make the trek to our nation's capital.

Me too. No way I'm missing that. Just a question of how close to the visitors' bench I can get.


Any name but Rough Riders. Last thing the Nay-sayers need is to point to the Bush league with two teams with the same name.

Time to move on, turn the page. New decade, new team, new name.

Yeah - but you know - who cares. People like that will always find something to ridicule, even if they have to make something up. All you have to do is point to the mighty NFL which claims to have, not one but two teams representing the City of New York who don't even play in New York, city or state.

Can we apply this to DISCUSSIONS about the name? I can not believe there's anything left to bring to the table about it. Let's just see what comes of it and roll from there.

I have to a weird kind of way, I'll miss the NIMBY losers who tried to derail this thing. Fighting with them was entertaining, more often than not. I'm sure I'll hear their disengenuous cries of outrage from time to time still, but since they've been soundly defeated repeatedly, you know...It just won't be the same... :wink:

I know it's amateur ball (technically) but I used to point out that the SEC in college football, out of 12 teams, had two named Bulldogs and two named Tigers.

I can't do that anymore though. Now the Missouri TIGERS have joined the conference. :lol: Rope in Clemson and Memphis and have a Tiger division fercrisakes. :thup:

I never fret about the naysayers ridiculing 2 teams with the same name in a 9 team league. They're spelled differently for starters.

Let's not forget, it wasn't that long ago that there were 2 teams in the same city(!) named the "Cardinals." How bizarre is that?? And I've been to St. Louis. It's not as though cardinals are as common as crows or starlings there either.