The Rough Riders are back.

Yeeeehaaah.Bring back the Ottawa Rough Riders with the big white R.

Amen to that!

Ottawa Rough Riders

HAS to be the name

So excited!

i will be there for the first game between the Tiger-Cats and the Renegades/Rough Riders/Insert Names

why didn’t it matter to people as much when there were 2 teams with the same name? it’s because we’re in the internet era and people have nothing better to do with their time but to p*ss and moan about something that to me, doesn’t even require conversation. if i’m correct, weren’t the ottawa rough riders established before the sask. team?
is it because the ottawa team folded and with their folding went the exclusive rights to be called the roughriders to sask?

i know i’m not the only one who thinks that the ottawa team cannot be called anything but the rough riders. any other name would be ridiculous.allow these new owners to re-establish the glory associated with the city and the name.

city legend

The Rough Riders existed before the Roughriders. Fact.

In the meantime, settle for some of the "classic" version that a buddy of mine uploaded onto youtube recently:

Whats The difference, at least the Rider's of Sask have lasted in the league without folding, they have the naming rights to the Rough Riders.

And what is the big deal with Ottawa and it's name anyway's, they will only last a maximum of 4-5 years in the league again anyway's, so what's the point of this argument and trolling.

It won't be long until the CFL realizes, it will be alot better without a money losing franchise in Ottawa, and we all know it. It won't be long until London, Quebec City or Halifax will come in and replace the Ottawa team. We can't keep bailing out Ottawa everytime someone steps up and makes a false promise to return to Ottawa's old Glory, you keep saying you need a new stadium in Ottawa, how about filling up the old one for more than one season first. Until then it's just another waste.


Al right...

its good to see ottawa coming back,for head coach i’d like to see danny bareet or tom higgins as coach,

I don't know either one all that well, because I don't pay attention to the other teams as closely. I know that the CFL gets critisized for recycling the same coaches over and over, but with an expansion club, I'd prefer someone with experience so I'd be open to both these guys.

What were the knocks on them with their previous teams?

Danny Barrett was always thought of as 'too nice' or 'too much of a players friend'. If thats his biggest knock, he's a shoe in if he becomes available.


Yeah, if Ottawa had two chances at a team and couldn't maintain, it is hard to say they have the right to the name just because they were first.

Rough Riders most likely will not resurface in the CFL.

I do however think it would be great to see them do a retro day ( a couple of times in the league) where they are the Rough Riders.

Once for Labour day and once when they play Saskatchewan. It seems weird to go back to two Rough Riders/Roughriders in one league when there has only been one for so long . . . but . . .

Why not exploit the chance of a Rough Rider vs Roughrider game?