The Rouge et Or?

Just announced that the Als will play a pre-season game in Quebec City against the Rouge et Or.

No doubt the move is intended to enhance CFL football presence with possible expansion Quebec City, but playing against the Rouge et Or? I would have preferred that the Als play another CFL team instead.

They are playing Ottawa and Ottawa will be the home team BTW

i don't know where City TV Montreal gets its news from, but they were clearly out to lunch on this one. I will report this to the station.

Sheesh! The Als can't catch a break - even public media reports about them are discombobulated! I'm sure this wouldn't happen if it were about les Can-a-chiens.

Als are playing the Rouge et Noir.

Can you imagine the stunned Quebeckers suddenly realizing their beloved team is not actually playing the Als?

Il y aurait pire : que leur Rouge et Or affronte l'équipe C- des Alouettes se fasse massacrer par celle-ci. Les Alouettes perdraient tous leurs partisans de Québec.

I reported this monumental gaffe to City TV and asked them to post the right information on Monday.

I don’t know why, on an English TV station, they would refer to the Redbacks by their French nickname. They no doubt meant to say the Rouge et Noir, but it came out the Rouge et Or.

As I said, a monumental gaffe and I hope they correct the situation.

OMG. Could you imagine in some bizzaro world where a pro team was allowed to play a University team? If there are any delusional Rouge et Or fan who would believe that they are anywhere near able to compete with a pro team in the CFL. There would be shcoksville for such a fan of the R et O. Small details such as national players for the Als. The Oline vs the Laval D line. Yikes. The Als may not have to make one pass and still win 100 points. Should they pass Crompton and Lefevour have shown they can play at pro level but yet to see if they will be a long time starter. need not go into the receivers for the Als International and National Laval DBs Yikes.
Laval Offense vs Montreal Als defense even through the full 75 man training camp roster. No expalanation needed.
Special teams? Lets say the numerous Als returners both those of international and National would score everytime.
On the reverse side Als coverage teams. Lets say any Laval returner may be smart to let the ball bounce wait for the 5 yard hallow to set up around them and then just fall on the ball.

With this being the first pro game played in quebec city at the Telus Peps field since 2003. I am sure there are plenty of those Laval too good for CFL football have been to a Montreal Als CFL game. Saw games via TSN/RDS.
Still may be some who do not get out to see much of any football game then at Peps via CIS as the highest level and even those who have. Have not come together to see two pro football teams at the hollowed grounds of Peps.
Sensing that there will be quite a few there to see there CIS hero's return home.
It could be shocking to quite a few to see just how much faster the game, better the players, and execution even through the 75 man pre season roster. Compared to the last game at Peps being at among the highest levels plays seen at ole peps with a Montreal Caribans team actually beating the Mighty Red and Or.