The Rouge at Slam sports

Just thought I'd mention this feature there, just noticed it for the first time this morning. Some interesting blogs.

he's an idiot.

Huntington is such a Wanna be Eskimos Supporter. He'd carry their jock straps just to be considered Important!

The guy 's pathetic and a homer.

Yes Earl I saw the site and does make for some good CFL readings, especially since we here in the Center of the Universe have little to read about.
Having said that, the Tortonto Sun today ran an unheard of one entire page on the CFL, calling it CFL Weekly Blitz by the same Ian Busby.
Here is hoping it runs regularly and this has not happened since Perry Lefko use to do the same thing a few years ago in the Sun, then it disappeared while Perry was still with the Sun?

If homers are idiots then what does that make Saskatchewan fans? :lol:

There is nothing wrong with being a homer. There is also nothing wrong with being a homer and blogging about it. It doesn’t make you an idiot (though carrying around a teams jocks might :smiley:).

Now that is F’N’ Hilarious!