The Roster, Offence

The Edmonton Eskimos will have new direction heading into the 2013 CFL season. With that said, heres my take on the current Edmonton Eskimos roster:

Legend: *= non import

Postion by postion.

#1) Matt Nichols
#2) Kerry Joseph
#3) Steven Jyles
#4) Jeremiah Masoli (9 game IR)

**Clearly Matt Nichols will be coming into training camp as the Eskimos starter. But dont be surprised if Kerry Joseph is brought back as well. While Nichols has all the tools, he lacks experience. Thats where Joseph can help Nichols as a back up. Steven Jyles had his shot. He will be gone. The only way he stays in Edmonton, is if he takes a MAJOR pay cut and Edmonton cant land other UFA QB's (listed below). Jeremiah Masoli, a great QB prospect. He looked good in preseason and will certainly come into camp looking to earn a roster spot.

Other names that have been floated out their as possibilities:

  • GJ Kinne
  • Dan Persa
  • Dennis Dixon

#1) Jerome Messam*
#2) Corey Boyd
#3) Calvin McCarty*
#4) Hugh Charles (1 game IR)

Despite the amazing speed of Hugh Charles, i see Jerome Messam being the starting RB next year for the Edmonton Eskimos. Having an impact Canadian on the field is an asset. I also see Hugh Charles getting more reps at kick returner and also at slotback. Corey Boyd has already been cut by Edmonton, i dont see him coming back. But i would welcome him in a heart beat. He has all the skills. It all boils down to money. Calvin McCarty is a great special teams player. And depth incase of injury. NOTE Charles is #4 because of his injury.

#1) Mathieu Bertrand*
#2) Darcy Brown*
#3) Peter Thiel*

It may be retirement when it comes to the future of Mathieu Bertrand. He has been a great leader on special teams. And will be missed. The Darcy Brown trade was great for Edmonton. He will certainly help Edmonton in jumbo situations and on special teams. As for Peter Thiel, honestly... i still cant see why he is on the roster? Yes he can long snap. So can many current Eskimos. He cannot play any postion on offence or defence imo. He wont be back.

Recieving Core:
#1) Fred Stamps
#2) Carey Koch
#3) Adarius Bowman (9 game IR)
#4) Terriun Crump (P.Roster)

Wide Recievers
#1) Nate Coehoorn*
#2) Shamawd Chambers*
#3) Marcus Henry
#4) Matt Carter*
#5) Glen Mackay*
#6) Tyler Scott* (9 game)
#7) Dobson Collins (P.Roster)
#8) Youssy Pierre* (P.Roster)
#9) Ed Grant (P.Roster)
#10) John Chichester (P.Roster)

*These are postions the players are listed as. We all know Marcus Henry, Matt Carter, etc play slotback

Players who will be brought back:
Fred Stamps, Cary Koch, Shamawd Chambers*, Nate Coehorrn*, Marcus Henry, Adarius Bowman

Players on the bubble:
Matt Carter*, Glen Mackay*, Dobson Collins
I WOULD BRING BACK Dobson Collins & Matt Carter FOR SURE*

Players likely released/retire:
Tyler Scott* (retire), Youssy Pierre* (released)

Not enough info on:
Ed Grant, Terriun Crump & John Chichester

The Offensive Line:

  • Kyle Koch*
  • Gord Hinse*
    **Both centers took a step back in 2012. Need to rebound in 2013


  • Brian Ramsay* (likely gone)
  • Greg Wojt*
  • Scott Mitchell*
  • Simion Rottier* (9 game IR)


  • Devin Tyler (likely gone)
  • Dylan Steenbergen* (on the bubble)
  • Matt O'Donnel*
  • Joel Bell (on the bubble)
  • Dale Stevenson* (likely gone)
  • Orin Thompson

The Edmonton Eskimos need to stay healthy on the O-line. With Mitchell, O'Donnel taking starting spots next year, the o-line should be solid in 2013. Also look for the addition of 2012 1st round pick Austin Pastor. Who will push Orin Thompson for a starting tackle postion.

Field Goals:
#1) Grant Shaw*
#2) Brody McKnight*
**Grant Shaw is the guy, he will improve and become the next Sean Fleming (imo)

Offencive Trade Block:

  • Adarius Bowman, being out most of the year he has watch Koch, Chambers & Coehoorn step up.
  • Brian Ramsay*, a decent o-linemen who would not bring much value.
  • Jerome Messam*, a huge mistake to trade. But is set to make ALOT of money in 2013
  • Dylan Steenbergen*, has been past on the depth chart by Matt O'Donnel and Scott Mitchell.
  • Joel Bell, an import o-linemen who (imo) didnt look that good in pre-season, has been a CFL starter before

Offencive players who may be taken in the Expansion Draft by the Ottawa Franchise:

  • Marcus Henry (Rec)
  • Dylan Steenbergen* (OL)
  • Matt Carter* (Rec)
  • Brody McKnight* (K)

A few Offencive questions i have recieved lately:
#1) Question: Do you think the Edmonton Eskimos will go after QB Rielly from the BC Lions?
Answer: No, Matt Nichols is the guy. You can only protect 1 QB in the Ottawa Expansion Draft. If Edmonton signed Rielly, they would lose either him or Nichols in the Expansion Draft.
#2) Question: Who do you think Edmonton will bring in as the new Offencive Cordinator?
Answer: I would like to see Paul LaPolice.

:cowboy: Thanks for reading: The Roster, Offence. Stay tuned for: The Roster, Defence. :cowboy:

These are fine reviews.

On this one I have only major disagreement with the answers to the two questions.

No, the Eskimos should take Reilly over Nichols and absolutely no, the Eskimos should not hire Paul LaPolice as an offensive coordinator. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I don't think that the Eskimos should or will go after Reilly. He looks great when things click, as they did against the Eskimos but I think once teams get a book on him, he will get picked and picked often. He is a high risk high return kind of QB and once the defenses get that booked he will become very ordinary, as Calgary showed. Nichols to me is a far more complete package.

What has Rielly done? He was almost cut at the start of the season. We will end up in Winnipeg. Edmonton will not sign Rielly. Nichols is their guy. Fact. As Kavis Reid.

And why not hire Paul LaPolice? He is a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better then Marcus Crandell!

I COPY AND PASTE THIS ANSWER. LOL. :thup: Good one VoiceofReason. Well done. :rockin:

And why not hire Paul LaPolice? He is a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better then Marcus Crandell!
Wow such a power offence these past few years in Winnipeg yeah sure. :roll:

Get off whatever you are drinking! :lol:

NFW -- we find someone else.

Talk to ANY CFL media guy, ask them this question: Paul LaPolice or Marcus Crandell as your OC? Its an easy answer. PLUS Winnipeg went to the Grey Cup last year. Remember?

Yeah Winnipeg sure went to that Grey Cup on that offence last year right whatever CFLNFL.

Anyway, you are assuming these are the only two choices and I don't agree with that assumption you make repeatedly. No thanks to LaPolice and we find someone else.

Making decisions based on what media guys think? That'd be a first.

Yes, I remember that. They did get to the Grey Cup.

They got there based on a terrific DEFENCE, not offence. Remember?