The Roster Game, 2016

Let's play a little game...seeing as there are so many people pissed about some of the moves...and hey, I don't like them all either by any means...there are definitely things I would have done differently, but a lot I rather like.

Throughout 2015 we heard that there was basically no cap space left. BT was axed partially because of really poor cap and contract management. It was stated near the end of the season by O'day that there were not going to be a lot of moves (ie lumping money into 2015 to pay for the future) because there simply was no room. We can therefore basically say the Riders were at cap.

You keep Dressler, Chick, Brack, Brown...big contracts.
Players in the CFL, top ones, get pretty competitive offers. Generally the top couple offers are with 5%, maybe 10, so they often give and take a bit on contracts to play somewhere they buy into the system and the team. But let's basically push that aside and assume that they are not looking at staff, teammates, city, etc.

You need to upgrade:

  • 2LBs to start
  • 1 LB for depth
  • 2DBs (plus some fresh blood...but that is cheap and thus a nonfactor)
  • 1 NI DLman to start
  • 1 NI OLman with experience for rotations/utility
  • 1 NI Safety

What do you do to make that happen?

All I can say Depop is that we had a O backfield that was #1 last season, that O is now gone, bad mistake, only player I will not miss is Getz as he has not played well for some time. The rest was a Jones big mistake, he made little effort to work with Dressler and then losses Smith, I will be amazed if this team does much of anything this season. Time will tell. This board will light up as the season goes I am sure, not sure if in a positive way or a Negitive way.... Still not a fan of Jones!

This is how I feel too. Yes with out a doubt the defense had to change and massive changes were obviously needed and that is where we should have stopped. The offense only needed minor tweaking and yes personally I think Getz is a great guy but he still had to go. Other then that besides maybe looking for a better running back to take the major work load the offense was not an issue.

Now if this year the offense stunk then the focus should then turn in that direction, but this team has been pretty much blown up. I think that could bite Jones in the butt by the end of the season.

Oh and I don't think your correct on it will be up to Jones if he stays or goes. For better or worse the fans have made it loud and clear when someone needs to leave and the team has listened. I don't think Jones has that much power especially with it being a community owned team to change that. The fans here as I said do sway who stays and who goes for the most part. Jones may find that out in a real hurry if the team does not make the playoffs this year.

It sucks losing Messam...totally agree. They tried extending Messam during the season, but he wanted to test FA. I know he desired to stay and just wanted to ensure he got top dollar, but I like that O'Day looked at their NI status last year and said "we can't risk it, we have to move him." It was the first time I felt O'Day might actually have some GM in him...he made the tough call to protect the team.

That said, I think they picked up a fantastic kicker in Crapinga who could be with the club for years to come. They lucked out in the draft and might actually have 2 now, one who can potentially do double duties, so they might end up moving one in a year or something and make a nice score on it from a team in a pinch. I am not a big fan of using a NI as a steady ratio is one of the higher injury spots on a team. Having an international there with a NI (walter) I like, because it saves a DI spot....that is big. Allen...was never a big fan. He was a serviceable RB...that was about it. He is a pretty big RB but he sure didn't run like it. If you are going to go with size as opposed to a shiftier RB they need to be a lot more bruising that him. When your big bruising NI RB is better than your big bruising international is, that is a concern.

They are bringing Cobb back to camp this limited action in camp last year he looked like a fairly exiting RB and has some good size...and has the explosion that Allen really lacked. This guy sees daylight, he turns it into something big. He was brought in last camp basically because the camp backs got banged up at the same time and they needed a camp body...but he did look good.

Curtis Steele will be interesting to watch as well. He put up great numbers with minimal reps with the Argos behind what was not as good of a OL overall, especially in 2014. His experience gives him a leg up, but Cobb has his shiftiness and speed, plus size. I think this will be an interesting battle to watch.