The Roster, Defence

Like i said in Topic: The Roster, Offence, the Edmonton Eskimos will go a different direction in 2013. Heres my take on the Edmonton Eskimos defence.

Legend: *= non import

Postion by postion.

Defencive Backs:
#1) Weldon Brown
#2) Rod Williams
#3) Joe Burnett
#4) Chris Thompson
#5) Klint Kent
#6) Delroy Clarke*
#7) Pete Ittersagen
#8) Michael Ricks (P.Roster)
#9) Bryan Williams (P.Roster)

**The Edmonton Eskimos have a very good DB back field. Although id like to see Edmonton add one more impact DB this offseason. Chris Thompson is not getting any younger and Joe Burnett may try the NFL again in 2014. So its important to prepare for that situation. Klint Kent has been a good addition.

Whos out:

  • Pete Ittersagen. Has trouble with the size of the Canadian Football field. Does not cover well. (IMO) Id rather seem him move to linebacker. I doubt we will be brought back next season.

Too early to talk about Michael Ricks & Bryan Williams. Everyone else should be brought back next season.

#1) Donovan Alexander*
#2) Mike Miller*
#3) Hugo Lopez*

Decent enough depth. Although Edmonton would likely play another player at saftey over Miller & Lopez. Including Delroy Clarke*. Miller is a special teams demon, so he will be back. While Hugo Lopez (Tillman bust) will be on the bubble. Lopez has the size, but has not been able to make an impact on specially teams.
**Tillman traded DT Brian Bulke (Eskimos 2nd round pick, by Danny Mac) to the Calgary Stampeders for a 3rd round pick which turned out to be Hugo Lopez.

#1) JC Sheritt
#2) Damaso Munoz
#3) TJ Hill
#4) Simoni Lawerence
#5) Kyle Stewart
#6) Mike Cornell*
#7) Corbin Sharun* (9 game IR)

Eric Tillman has done an amazing job with rebuilding the Edmonton Eskimos Linebacking core. JC Sheritt is the best linebacker in the Canadian Football League. Getting Damaso Munoz in the Noel Prefontaine trade was a HUGE steal!
Theres always alot of additions to Linebacking cores come the offseason. But look for all the Eskimos starters to be back in 2013. Simoni Lawerence is a great linebacker to replace TJ Hill around 2014 (when Hill may retire). Kyle Stewart is a great import special teams player. As for Canadians, Edmonton has ZERO depth. Mike Cornell is on the verge of retirement. And Corbin Sharun will never play 1 game at linebacker in the Canadian Football League. Id look for Edmonton to address their Canadian Linebacking depth in the 2013 & 14 CFL drafts.

Defencive Line:
#1) Marcus Howard (THE BEST CFL PASS RUSHER)
#2) Brandon Lang
#3) Shawn Lemon
#4) Alex Daniels
#5) Justin Capicciotti*
#6) Julius Williams (9 game IR)
#7) Lee Robinson (9 game IR)

Alot of injuries has hurt the entire D-Line of the Edmonton Eskimos in 2012. But look for Howard, Lang, Lemon & Capicciotti* to be brought back in 2013. Williams and Robinson should also be back, but it all comes down to money. Alex Daniels will be released. Edmonton also drafted Hazime Hasan in the 2012 CFL draft. He had an NFL draft grade, but injuries had him slip through the NFL draft (undrafted). If he comes to Edmonton in either 2013 or 2014 he will certainly push for starting reps with Justin Capicciotti. Both canadians are going to be great special teams players and future impact players.

#1) Ted Laurent*
#2) Almondo Sewell
#3) Don Oramasionwu*
#4) Jermaine Reid* (1 game IR)
#5) Kade Weston
#6) Etienne Legare* (9 game IR)

Laurent*, Sewell, Oramasionwu* will all be brought back. Jermaine Reid, may retire. But if not, he should be brought back. Kade Weston has looked good. But may be on the outside looking in. Etienne Legare will be trade bait.

**The Edmonton Eskimos D-line is tops in the CFL when healthy. Injuries to the D-line really hurt Edmonton this season. Look for more sacks from a healthy D-line in 2013. If Edmonton was healthy all season (on the d-line), they would have led the CFL in sacks in 2012.

Grant Shaw*
Brody McKnight*
Burke Dales* (9 game IR)

LS- Mike Benson*
LS- Peter Thiel* (will be gone)
LS- Ryan King* (9 game IR)

**Wouldnt be surprised to see Burke Dales retire after this season.

Grant Shaw

Kick Returning! Cant have two starters (Weldon Brown & Joe Burnett) returning kicks.

Players on the trade block:
DE Julius Williams
DE Lee Robinson
DT Etienne Legare*

Players Ottawa would have interest in, come expainsion draft:
DT Almondo Sewell
DE Julius Williams
LB Simoni Lawerence
K/P Brody McKnight

Questions ive recieved about the Edmonton Eskimos defence:
#1) Question: Will Edmonton lose JC Sheritt to the NFL?
Answer: No, he is too small. Unless a team wants him for special teams/saftey
#2) Question: What happened to the 2012 Eskimos Defence? They were top in the league, but let up?
Answer: No, they didnt let up. They played most of every game because the offence couldnt stay on the field. Also alot of injuries hurt. Specially to Marcus Howard.

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