The Rogers Centre experience--where's the instant replay?

Hey, Argo fans.

I just went to my first Ticat-Argo game in the Rogers Centre. The stadium was pretty good, but I had one major problem: it seems like they show almost no replays on the JumboTron.

Between plays, there's always something else going on, or shots of players sitting on the sidelines. I mean, I can understand doing some promotions, but it would be nice to see the replay more. The Wheaton hit was one of the few plays I remember them showing again. At Ivor Wynne, it just seems like they show replays almost every play.

Other than that, it was a good experience. But has any else found this to be a problem?

ya I was there too. It was kind of dissapointing not even being able to see the replays when the coaches challenged a call. But I guess since it was their season opener there was more promotional stuff. Usually they'll show more replays, but still the Rogers Centre REALLY likes their PIZZA PIZZA Ads...

And PS: I thought the opening 15 minutes before the game were great, they hyped it up like an NFL game with flames coming out of the sides as the players ran onto the field, putting Damon Allens banner on the 500 lvl and, a light show with the cherleaders..... I was pretty impressed looks like the CFL is moving its way up

I remember during the Ticats season opener during the missed-call fumble recovery by Beveridge, the instant replay showed that play about 6 or 7 times, even like 2 plays later. I'm sure it was to get the fans riled up.


Good post. I was wondering the same thing. There were many plays that never got replayed on the screen. It was very frustrating. I know they have to sell their commercial time but enough is enough. I paid my $60 and would at least like to get a few replays like I would sitting at home for free.

Does anyone know if the CFL has a rule preventing the showing of controversial calls or plays under review?