The Rodney Dangerfield of the Ticats

Like Rodney Ronnie gets no respect either.

Ron Lancaster played an important role
in helping Jason Maas get his confidence back.

He continued playing him and told him to focus on having fun
because fun attracted him to football in the first place.

Early on he got rid of that disruptive malcontent Craig Yeast
and later Belli, who failed in his temporary role as a D-line leader
and abdicted it during our downward spiral of losing.

When injuries occurr he never moans about them
he simply puts in our back ups and places confidence in them.

He immediately involved new young players
to build their confidence.

Just recently Carl Gourgues, Dave Dixon, Phillip Gauthier.

I would like to see some other posters point some more contributions out.

There are many more.

Ron, he is only there to direct ... he is not getting emotionally involved perhaps due to health reasons or the fact that this scenario will completely change next year.

I wouldn't say he is doing a great job or a poor job.

He is just there in body in my humble opinion.

Do you disagree with my points?

8) You are so right Ron !!! Lancasters vast experience as a player and as a head coach is definitely starting to pay dividends now !!! As you stated, he got rid of the malcontents on this team, and as he promised when he took over as coach again, that if you don't want to be a Tiger Cat player then we will gladly accomodate you and get you out of town quickly !!!

He has finally got this team to cut down on the ridiculous, selfish penalties that they were taking, and has instilled some confidence in the young new players !! Also, finally some communication with Jason Maas when he comes to the sidelines by Ron and the new assistant coaches !! Maas seems like a totally new man out there now, all because Ron still had confidence in him as our # 1 QB.

It is just too bad that PaoPao and his buddy were not fired a couple of games earlier !!! That might have made the world of difference now, and could have possibly put us in a solid playoff position at this time !!! Kudos to Ron and his new offensive coaches, along with the remainder of the existing assistants !!!

It finally appears that everyone is now on the same page !!!!!!

Ron Idea to Bring Coach Sel was Wounderfull.
Even when line is patch work Jason had time to pass

Then He Pairs down the playbook to make the Game Simple.

Ronnie is now a lay back Person now and Some of it is Rubbing of on Maas.

Great Job Ron


Ron from Tigertown you said what I've been thinking. Lancaster took over a team with shattered confidence and dealt with it masterfully. Maas has come so far. Boreham has got his confidence back. Gourges has been a nice surprise. The list is long. Lancaster has been a good tonic for a shattered team. Don't mistake his attitude for being there "in body only". He knows what he is doing.

When he hands the team over to a new coach, it will be in good shape ready to be taken higher.

Thanks Ron Lancaster!

I agree. Congrats to Ron, you are slowly turning my viewpoint around. Cats in the playoffs, Ron L. coach of the year.

Belli was undisciplined, but I am surprised some people are calling him a malcontent. That surprises me.

Willy, I don't think RFTT was calling Belli a malcontent, just an undisciplined, failed D-line leader.

I called Yeast a disruptive malcontent, Willy.

I didn't intend it for Adriano in the same way.

Belli was discontented or dissatisfied with losing.

His heart wasn't in it and he wanted out of here
so as Tipper said 'Ron Lancaster accomodated him.'

Players seemed to be loose at the bench last night.

Has Ron implemented a new "open door policy"? I noticed through the magic of television he was chatting it up with players at the bench on at least 3 different occasions.

When Ron took over, I could see he meant business
just by his facial expressions on the sidelines.

I knew, and it goes without saying Ron knew that, in most cases,
player talent wasn't the problem and I am sure he told them this.

I am sure he told the players mental mistakes were the problem;
dropped passes, missed blocks or tackles, foolish penalties.
These mistakes screw up otherwise well executed plays.

The players responded to him by getting down to business.

Now the proper atmosphere has been set, Ron can relax
and let players know he enjoys seeing them do well, laughinghard.

I also have noticed Gauthier on special teams and I have to comend our new GM on a great trade !!!

I give LAncaster ZERO credit for our sudden resurgence. To me it is 100% getting a GM who the players KNOW will be around long enough to cut their sorry butts if they don't play hard. The transformation since his arrival has been nothing short of spetacular. Ronny's arrival on the other hand saw the team get much much much worse in every department.

All I want to say is[ THANKS RON WELL DONE] :rockin:

Give your head a shake, TURBO. Under Coach Marshall, we won absolutely nothing. Lancaster has made this team a contender. We won't likely make the playoffs this year, but we now have the nucleus for a good ball club in 2007.
As the TSN announcers said during the Edmonton game, the Ticats need only 4 or 5 more player changes to finish high in the league next year.

To further contradict your ridiculous statements, I would point out that contrary to what you have written, the team has improved in most areas under Lancaster's tutelage.

Rocky..give yours a shake. How can you possibly say that the team was better when we went so long without scoring. Shut out at home too. Talk about contradicting your opinion....

Turbo's point was the team got better when Desjardins came in. And I have to say I agree.

I think Ron from Tiger Town has hit the nail on the head. I especially agree with the point about not complaining about injuries and just putting in the back-ups. This has been good for lifting the black cloud mentality from the team, which ends up turning into a self-fulfilling prophesy ("oh no, we keep losing and then we have injuries, we're never going to win") -- in addition to giving confidence to the players.

Ron L's in good company - they're trying to run Hugh Campbell out of Edmonton too.

YES. The 'Open door policy' says: "If you don't want to play here, the door is Open to leave".
I think that the players got the message.
Also, winning is contagious, just as losing is....
The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup: