The Rod Black Universe

This guy has been working CFL games for at least 10 years now, and in his universe our field is 60 yards wide - when it is in fact 65 yards wide.

This guy is a shameless hack to the extreme. It's almost comical, but more sad.

What things have others noticed that are only true in the Rod Black Universe?

I picked up on that gaffe right away, too. Poor old Rod is just trying to inform any new American fans on the nuances of the CFL. Unfortunately he informs them wrongly. ::slight_smile:

He also said on Thursday night that Montreal and Ottawa are connected by the 401 HWY. But you can overlook some of the gaffes.
He did mention again last night that Tasker was the son of NFL great Steve Tasker

It must take everything Duane Forde has to not just punch Black in the head.

Just want to review. NFL commentators have high quality voices. Main guy, color presenter,
on the field, half time reporters and so forth. Really high quality voices and knowledgeable.

Rod and Ford are not even close to there caliber or is the half time panel. This hurts the value and
perception of the CFL due to poor presentation. Rod is okay bad, Ford is worse.
Panel is bad but so bad, its funny. Most are doing their best, they didn't hire themselves.

Not trying to run them down just stating the facts. Check out announcers on, world soccer,
NFL, golf, NBA, and see the difference. Don't check out curling!! Same as CFL.
I like all these people for sure but eventually a quality upgrade is need.

I think Black has a good voice, but he just says really dumb/ignorant things often. Ford is the opposite IMO - not the greatest voice, but says intelligent things.

Never understand the disdain for Forde. No one else comes close to his knowledge of the Cdn players in particular, given how closely he follows university football here. And unlike his partner, he understands the game. I don't care as much about whether someone has a golden tongue.

I like him as well . I find I agree with him much more than Suitor and is well rounded in CIS , CFL , NFL and NCAA knowledge .

I like Forde.
He’s stuck with a terrible partner who weighs him down.
He’d seem better with a quality play-by-play man to work with.

Suitor isn't perfect, but I think a Suitor/Forde combo would be the best option for whatever games they predict will have more viewers each week.

He is a brownnoser for american players and it is really really bad hence once again the JM brown nosing last night. TSN has to FIRE THIS GUY NOW!!

Now that you've said it, I don't have to. Thanks ExPat.

I also thought Ford was a pretty good ball player too.

Which announcer "sounds" the most Canadian?

Poor Rod Black.

The yet to be announced Bob & Doug crew, eh. They'll be cookin' up some back bacon and drinkin' a lot a beers while they talk a boot the game, eh.

Matt Dunigan informed us that Hamilton's turnovers could partially be attributed to the players first real contact since pads were no longer permitted. Has he not watched any camp? Is he really unaware that padless practices is not for camp but regular season (Which is stupid and puts more risk on players than it prevents ). Some of the panel and commentary us just plain painful