The Rod Black Drinking Game

We have some Terrible play by play people, maybe it's time to advertise outside of Canada. Lot's of great football people south of the border who know what to say and can be funny too, real professionals.

Actually I would like to get a British soccer play by play man, one person in the booth who doesn't have to chat and tell stories with another person beside him. I like the "dead air" time, you don't have to fill every second with endless monootnous chit chat and gossip, and what's with "let's go down to field level and chat with Dina Orleski" who will read some prepared script.
Why do they "dumb down" CFL football? it's as if we don't know what's going on and we are trying to sell this game to people that have never seen it before.

still waiting for the "All-Sara Orlesky Channel" :slight_smile:

I want to drink now just reading his name on this thread.

Dunnigan annoyed me this game too.

Mike, I know it's Tuesday afternoon, but are you playing the Rod Black Drinking Game right now? If so, I could stop by with reinforcements.

I will start by admitting that I have been a fan of Matt Dunigan's since I was a little kid. So my comments come with that bias attached.

With that said, I give Dunigan a pass for two reasons:

  1. I know he knows the game.

He may not be able to eloquently describe it to the viewer, but I think we can all agree that Dunigan knows what he's talking about.

  1. He's pretty new at the announcing game.

He has been on the TSN panel for a long time, but reading from a script and calling a game live are two different skill sets. The more he does it, the better he'll get. He made some mistakes, fumbled over his words, and said some stuff that left me scratching my head, but I'd much rather listen to Dunigan do colour commentary than listen to Black do play-by-play.

We could expand the game a tad. .. and have a drink every time Duane Forde starts his response to a Rod Black statement/question with the same two words. . . "Yeah, absolutely"

Seriously this hate-on for Rod Black is starting to get monotonous. He might say the odd thing that's a little quirky but he has a decent voice and speaks very precisely and smoothly. So what if he covered figure skating events before. That doesn't make him a pansy. I bet most of the Rod Black haters would crap their pants if given the microphone and told to do play by play. Think about what you have to do and the pressure involved. Entertain hundreds of thousands of people who listen to every word you say... FOR THREE HOURS. You're bound to make a mistake or repeat yourself. There's only so many ways to describe a field goal. It's not just Rod Black who gets whined about. I've heard complaints about Chris Cuthbert, Matt Dunigan and even our own Rick Zamperin on CHML. Hell, everybody sucks. Why don't all the haters then apply for the job so you can put the entire nation out of it's misery.

Mrs. Black, your son is a fine figure skating announcer - no one hates him. In fact, with this new game the Beer Store loves him.

If you really want to get hammered then why don't you quaff down an entire beer for every arrogant and annoying comment Jock Climie makes. Especially during an Als game. You'll need at least a couple of 24s for that.

While I agree that Climie is a smug, pompous jerk, you say that people are monotonous in their complaints about Black, but then you make the same comment everyone makes about Climie. Why is it OK to make that comment, but not for other's to make the comments they make about Black? Seems like the same thing to me.

Because Climie is like you say a smug, pompous jerk. Black however has never come across as someone you would want to punch the crap out of. He seems like a genuinely nice, pleasant dude. His broadcasting style might be a little unorthodox but I don't believe that he as a human being deserves that type of constant negativity or harsh criticism. Climie on the other hand...

Clime is only on pre, post, and halftime. Binge drinking isn't healthy.

Your objection to the objections is duly noted.

If I'm going to drink every time someone on TSN says something arrogant or idiotic, I might as well pour some acid into my liver and be done with it now. :wink:

I really shouldn’t be drinking tea while reading your posts…I now have a mess on my desk and on my laptop keyboard. Well worth it though :slight_smile: