The Rod Black Drinking Game

This was posted on the Riderville message boards today by nernzi19,

I had to share this after suffering through another game called by Rod Black....... :x

"The Rod Black drinking game OFFICIAL RULES - When Rod refers to a player by only his initials - Drink 1

  • When Rod uses the term "HE SCORES!" instead of "Touchdown!" - Drink 2
  • When Rod rhymes on purpose but unneccessarily (eg. Ricky Ray 3 for 3 and it's a TD!) - Drink 2
  • When Rod makes up a phony nickname for a city (eg. Welcome to "Swaggerville!" (Winnipeg)) - Drink 3
  • When Rod uses the word "now" - Drink 1
  • When Rod uses his phony french accent to pronounce a player's name who is of french Canadian decent - Drink 2
  • Anytime Rod is over-dramatic - Drink 3
  • Whenever Rod says "Blue Bombers", Tiger-Cats", or "Roughriders" instead of "Bombers", "Ti-Cats", or "Riders" - Drink 2
  • Whenever Rod refers to Saskatchewan as the "Green Riders" - Drink 3 (void if another team in the league is called the "Rough Riders")
  • When Rod refers to TJ Harris as "Terrance Jeffers Harris" - Drink 2
  • Whenever there is a long amount of unnecessary silence between Black and Dwayne Forde, drink until the silence is broken by one of them
  • Drink 3 when his voice goes up more than an octave. 4 if it's on a scoring play (Can he score? "Yes" with the awkward crack in his voice)
  • Whenever Rod says "It depends on the spot" drink a whiskey and a beer chaser.
  • Everytime he uses "false start" instead of procedure - Finish your drink
  • Anytime Rod says "Can you believe that?" - Drink 3
  • Anytime Rod makes up a new verb (eg. "pressurized" instead of "pressured") - Drink 2
  • Anytime Rod messes up any sort of basic football knowledge (eg. A quarter can't end on a penalty, but he insists that the quarter is over) - Drink 3
  • Every time rod uses a "Mr xxxx" reference, drink 1 (e.g. Mr Clutch, Mr Milesotne)"

Thanks for this one Riderville :lol:

I got smashed last week playing this game during the Hamilton/Montreal game..... this game should be outlawed.. it's TOO easy to lose at!!


Szo whut yur sayin is that I can't hold my licker? Well I playd the dam game and I can walk a st*********

*************************** (stagger, stagger)

                                    *********************** (stagger, stagger)

                                                                ****************************************** (stagger, stagger)

********************************************************************************* raight line. (hic).

With 1:30 left in the game and a 22 point deficit, Black is still talking about an Argo comeback.

lol Tool

The REAL victim in all of this has to be Duane Forde..... :cry:

You found that on Riderville, huh? Well, it's good to know that fans of other teams also dislike him. :slight_smile:

And I believe we already talked about drinking every time that nickname for Winnipeg mentioned, and how we'd be tipsy even before the opening kickoff before a Bomber game if we played that drinking game.

Holy crap! With those rules, you'll be drunk by the end of the first quarter. Why not just have it be: If Rod Black speaks, drink? :lol:

I've wondered for a while if Rod Black has been playing by this rule for years. :?

Totaling it up it comes out to about 33 drinks plus a "finish your drink", a "keep drinking until... and a shot of booze.
Let's say the "finish your drink" and "keep dinking" adds another 10 drink equivalent. At a conservative 10 drinks a beer that would be about 4.3 beers a quarter along with the shot of booze.
By the end of the 4th quarter you would have consumed 17 beers and 4 shots in a time frame of 2 1/2 to 3 hours. which is about a beer every 10 minutes.
Beer is my friend but that much alcohol in that time would test anyone's mettle

Ahh...but what you are forgetting is all of those happen multiple times during a broadcast. I'd multiply your totals by at least 4!

That strategy does make his coverage easier to bear.

:lol: :lol:

I couldn't get drunk fast enough just for this very reason

As Rod Black isn't doing today's game no one has an excuse for getting hammered now.

Only one worse than Black is Dunigan.

I spoke too soon. I'll bet even Bob needs a stiff drink or four today.

No way. These guys inject some personality into their commentary. It might come across as cheezy sometimes but at least they inject some emotion and excitement into the game. Dunigan at least knows what he is talking about. If you think these guys are bad then watch some of the old CBC games that they show on ESPN classic. Those guys were the epitome of monotone. Even on big plays their excitement level was the same as on an incomplete swing pass. I'll take TSN 2011 crew anytime over the old CBC days.

And Dunigan maybe has a dozen games under his belt as a commentator; Black's being doing games how long? Dunigan may make mistakes, and he may not be the most polished of announcers, but I'd much rather listen to him than Black. At least Dunigan can say "Blue Bombers" correctly.

makes it easier to beer, too! :lol:

The bad pun judge just threw his flag.