The Rock Slams the CFL

Not that I care what Americans think of our league, yesterday while flipping channels and so I got to the WWE Monday Night Raw.
And we know it's pure entertainment, sprinkle a little ability and a whole lot of roids.
Anyhow, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock after his big win the day before against John Cena at Wrestlemania, does a little bit of history about first starting out when out of nowhere he says seriously about the best thing that happened to him was being cut by the CFL in the 90's and then states "boy you got to be really bad to get cut in that league", then followed by a huge laugh obviously intended as a put down.
Some balls, instead of saying I wasn't good enough and thanks for the subsequent opportunity from getting cut.
You would never get such clowns to slag the NFL, MLB or NBA.

Actually, it was more like, "How badly do you have to SUCK(!) to get cut from the CFL?" Definite diss. :thdn:

Our local sportstalk radio played the sound bite this morning. They were downplaying it by saying that in those days during the CFL expansion when there were plenty of jobs, it was hard not to make a roster blah, blah. I still think it was a knock. :roll:

Oh well.

It's pretty funny when you think about it.



Tooth Fairy.
Gridiron Gang.
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.


Say what!

Oh and wrestling's not a sport, who cares what this guy says.

that so called insult, if it is an insult at all, is the most casual and insignificant type of insult there is. Not even worth raising an eyebrow over. I doubt Dwayne was even thinking "I am going to diss the CFL here". It wasnt even worth mentioning.

Admittedly, I was bothered by the fan jubilation when the Rock took the dig..... :frowning:

can't help it....I'm a hopeless CFLmantic.

you can watch the video courtesy of Drew:
The Rock on WWE Raw "now, do you have any idea how much you have to suck to get cut by the Canadian Football League!!?"

Is this the tool who can't act, plays fairies and uses a lame finishing move (who the heck would get hit by a telegraphed elbow? perhaps let him try out for the CFL again?

I haven't heard it but my guess he was just doing a bit of satire about his own life and that, nothing agains't the CFL. I hear a lot of jokes lately about the Toronto Maple Leafs, like fans at the game a few days ago cheering "let's go Blue Jays". Not that's a knock. :wink:

thats your opinion. I find him quite entertaining.

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Funny really, WWE doesn't really have many fans anymore. I wouldn't be to concerned. Smackdown does shows in front of freinds and family.

laughing at the OP for taking something so stupid like wrestling so seriously!.. :roll:

Well then by his own admission, I guess he really sucked at football. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, that's what he said about himself, he was really bad. Not like he said he should have made the team or that. I'll give him credit for total honesty. :smiley:

This isn't the first time he has dissed the league. In his book he talks about how as a practice roster player he and some of the other guys were forced to sleep on disregarded soiled mattresses that they found behind a hotel next to McMahon stadium. He talks about how he bought "dozens" of cans of Lysol just to be able to get any sleep on them. Now, anybody can figure out that Lysol sells for what $4, or $5 a can, so buying "dozens" of cans would have added up pretty quick. You can buy an air mattress for about $10 at Canadian Tire and another $15 for a cheap sheet set. Heck, you could have even bought a entry level brand new mattress for under $100. So, it seems D-Wayne was good at "acting" (i.e. lying) long before his career on the screen ever began :wink:

Yes I remember hearing something about that as well.
Another lie in a pack of lies.

it was obviously his life dream to be a stampeder, and he is still sour cuz they dumped him.

the 'sleeping on dirty matresses' story is clearly a lie to make his book a 'rags-to-riches' type story.

kinda funny he bashes the level of talent in the CFL, yet a lot of CFL talent played in mcmahon's short lived XFL. so, in a round about way, he is bashing mcmahon's failed side project.

anyways. the Rock isn't anyone people take seriously.

I refuse to take seriously someone who, not once but 30x, refers to himself in the 3rd person. :roll: