The Rock, Buys the XFL for $15M

Is it true, If Ambrosie cancels the season all CFL player contracts expire and they become Free Agents?

Awesome news. The league wasn't that bad, and it gave players an opportunity to play. Another league for the NFL to pull from.

Curious to see if they relaunch in 2021 or wait for the pandemic to be over.

15 million? Essentially for the rights to 8 teams. An people thought a CFL team can be bought for a 'Rock Bottom' amount

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I heard 2022.

I thought it was more for the rights of the league than the teams, but that's more my bias speaking as I was never a fan of the branding.

As strange as it may sound this might be the one spring league that actually sticks.

This news has to be giving the league second thoughts on lowering player salaries...


Intellectual property and other intangible assets such as contractual and othe exclusive rights sure

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I don't see it sticking given the recession we have only entered here in the US, but otherwise I agree with you.

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Probably a shrewd move. they can shutter down with no real expense for now and see if CFL survives. If CFL dies, and that's very possible imo, then its a whole new world for XFL if they can move north in part. I could see where TO, Van, Mont embrace it. Maybe more actually.

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Vernon Adams, You gotta like this guy!


except the xfl didnt fail twice. EM just pulled the plug because of covid.

Vince McMahon pulled the plug because he was losing money, not because of the pandemic. McMahon lost over $80 million in 5 weeks of operation. Ratings were declining. McMahon's XFL would have lost more viewers when NCAA's March Madness, The Master's and NBA and NHL playoffs started. Vince used the virus closure to save face


It was going to fail again miserably anyway, but we all had this argument 3 months ago.

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either way it is a bummer. I was enjoying it.

It really appears that McMahon is pulling a misdirection play here.
He declares bankruptcy owing $Millions to creditors on an upstart League and by declaring bankruptcy he now owes nothing to his creditors.

Now out of nowhere, The Rock who has close ties to McMahon who once said " Vince McMahon has been like a Father to me" swoops in and buys the XFL for peanuts and just watch,
McMahon will be back in control when the Pandemic is under control

I think I can smell what the Rock is cooking!

This read is from back in May

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That's not exactly correct, they lost $50+ million over 2 years not 5 weeks. Between contracts, lease agreements, salaries, insurance, room and board, etc. Most of those expenses were there way before the first kickoff. According to the new owners, they're looking to try and play in 2021(in a bubble?) With at least 8 teams and possibly more. ESPN is more than likely out, but then XFL on Fox Twitter became active again and jumped right on the bandwagon. Rumors have CBS interested as well for content on their fledgling CBS sports network. It may not work this time around, but the Rocks name carries a lot more clout than McMahon. They may just be able to pull it off this time around

Vince said it was a "colossal failure". Johnson thinks he's in an episode of his TV show "Ballers" to try to pull this off. He better invest in a vaccine to make this a success while he's at it.

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Can you provide the source for that quote? The league, especially St. Louis exceeded the modest internal projections they had before kickoff. With the after effects of the Pandemic being felt for the next few years at least, networks will be looking for low cost programming to fill out their schedules. The XFL should fit right on Fox, CBS sports network and Yes Network in the NY/NJ area

I googled it on Wikipedia. St Louis is the exception. But the XFL had poor ratings in major markets like LA and New York, need those market to succeed in pro sports. Ratings were declining weekly. Once other Sports geared up like March Madness, The Master's NHL and NBA playoffs, the XFL would be ignored by sports fans. The best time that the XFL can come back is in 2025 after a vaccine has been created

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Maybe you can go work for them too? You do your spin and sugar-coating so well anyway.

Just because it's the Rock and it was purchased off the scrap heap means nothing.
This remains a train wreck with no chance for success.
Like the Undertaker would say RIP.


Cheers also to Paul Bearer, who attended its recent funeral along with that of the AAF last season!

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