The Robert Young era

Hamilton has posted a .305 winning percentage in over 3 1/2 seasons.

An utter disgrace.

But there are better toppings for the hot dogs, cleaner washrooms and more surly police at Ivor Wynne. Well done.

I can sum it up in one word: J-O-K-E. We are now the worst franchise in professional sports. Well done, Bob!

There's also bad karma at work here. I think it's because of Young forcing a sterile, lifeless Blue Jay-type atmosphere on Ivor Wynne.

you guys are complete idiots.

If it were the other Robert Young, Marcus Welby would apply the proper thermometer in the correct aperature to get a better read on what's ailing the football stiff. LOL

Dumping all of this on Bob's plate given the fact he saved the team in 2003 might give one extra arc in the blogger urinal, but it doesn't solve the essential dilemma of having to fix this thing through a lot of ugliness before sunshine returns.

Is the record disgraceful? Of course it is. Duh.

We need to be vigilant as fans and voice our concerns. Whatever one's pain threshhold is will govern what one's allegiance is in the long run. As a Tiger-Cat fan, I'm in this for the duration.

Oski Wee Wee,

Blaming Bob Young for ANY of this is the EPITOME of IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY.

Regardless of what has TRANSPIRED on the field during his tenure as Owner ... he has ALWAYS Acted with the BEST OF INTENTIONS ... and he has ALWAYS BEEN HONEST, and OPEN about the decision he has made.

If you want to continue to PRETEND to be a CFL fan - then you should come back here and APOLOGIZE to Bob Young for your Sheer TEMERITY, and GUMPTION to pipe up so IRRESPONSIBLY, and make such Profoundly STUPID COMMENTS !!

Mr.Young ... thank you for ALL your EFFORTS ... I'll continue to purchase my Flex packs to support your cause ... and HOPE to bump it up to a FULL SEASON Package - SOME DAY - when ALL the pieces are in place.


If Bob Young ever bails on this city the duration will be extremely short.
At the very least we still have a team.
At the best we have a great fan experience at the stadium and an owner who is really trying to have a successful team.
I would not want to be Bob Young at an owners meeting or at a social event with his peers. I bet he would be the brunt of some jokes.

I strongly support Bob Young and am very grateful for his efforts with this club. It has taken longer than he or the fans hoped to begin to turn things around, and the process is ongoing. I enjoyed the game yesterday very much, though of course I was disappointed at the outcome. But Timmy Chang gained needed experience, and Jason Maas played well in relief, as did a number of other players. I will continue going to games and enjoying them whenever I can, and have confidence that we will see progress in the team's level of play.

Bob Young is the best thing to happen to the Tiger-Cats, period. Comparing going to a Blue Jays game in the concrete sterile bowl and a TiCats game in IWS is night and day, I'll go to a TiCats game at IWS even if they never win another game for the next 25 years than going to a Blue Jays game knowing that Paul Godfrey might be in attendance, that thought almost makes me sick.

I also appreciate our Caretaker's efforts at restoring and improving the business and soft sides of the club.
Unfortunately, in spite of his best intentions, the football side continues to (forbidden). 'Don't worry, be happy' and 'Now, we know what we're doing' are getting pretty tired.
It's time to put the rubber to the road.

It's true that it's always darkest before the dawn. It's also true that planes gain momentum before they crash.

Which is it going to be?

Who’s blaming Bob Young? Simply pointing out the abominable record under his reign.

Shareholders/stakeholders in any other business would be ruthless in their questioning/condemnation of such feeble performance (.305 winning %).

The government should look at our education system because there are some really stupid people out here!

It is my opinion that Hamilton is very lucky to have an owner like Bob. He's honest, friendly, committed to success, and visable at games. It would be super if ALL owners would be like Bob.

MTL, sports is unlike every other business in certain aspects though. Look at the Leafs as a prime example, the biggest show in town and they haven't made it to a SC final in how many years yet alone win the whole thing. And the tickets keep getting more expensive and the people keep buying, goes agains't all logic really. Pro sports is weird business. And really not big business as an employer to a local economy, more of something for a city's image or perception type of thing.

Well seeing how Bob is the Shareholder paying for this team you can then imagine how he feels.

You can't expect Bob or any owner to come in and start making football decisions without heavy support. The team is young and inexperienced that late early playmaking ability but with that the foundation is strong.

A classic conundrum. Bob Young saves the franchise from oblivion (to huge kudos and cheers) only to field one of the franchise's worst teams ever (with loud boos and angry criticism). He must take his fair share of the blame for the on-field product just as he can take the credit for the team's existence. One does not necessarily exclude the other.

When a team is on pace for a 2-16 season on the heels of a 4-14 season, there's plenty of "blame" to go around and surely the owner of the team must bear some of it.

I went through the Harold Ballard years to say nothing of the MLSE years and you just can't divorce the on-ice/on-field product from the ownership be it the money that's made available for players and coaching/scouting staff, expectations for excellence, accountability, etc.

An Argo-Cat fan