The road to Qatar

Team Canada Men a nice surprise so far.

While watching tonight game against Mexico, I cant help but notice how atrocious the field looks

Wouldnt mind knowing what process they use to change the field from CFL.


Up 1-0 at HT.

If this holds they'll be in first with 6 games to go.

Yeah the football lines don't look good but I'm sure they won't be there for '26

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absolutely great game, at least until soccers version of prevent D almost blew the game.

Cant wait to see what next


Loved watching Canada celebrate a goal against Mexico in -15°C by jumping in a snow bank like the cold ain't no thing. Ultimate flex.


This looks like the best soccer team ever fielded by Canada.

They lead the CONCACAF table after 8 games. I do not think that's ever happened before has it?

It's a 14-game qualification though.

Right now Canada, USA, Mexico, and Panama have the inside track to qualify for the World Cup.

Note however that the 4th-place team must go on to a playoff game for qualification.

In UEFA World Cup qualifying in Europe, 10 teams qualified already.

12 more teams advance to a playoff out of which 3 teams will qualify.

There were no surprises as far as elimination, but Portugal and Italy blew their chances to advance directly and now have to try to do it the hard way.

Italy, as I know all too well, have quite the history of letting up their foot on the gas when well in control so as to put themselves on the brink. And now they did it again with a few big mistakes in qualifying including against Switzerland on the weekend with Jorginho not only missing a penalty but also quite horribly. That goal would have won the game 2-1 in Rome, but they finished in a draw 1-1. That left Italy with a trip to Belfast to face Northern Ireland, which ended on Monday in a scoreless draw.

Of these 22 UEFA sides still in contention, 21 were in the Euro tournament.

Serbia, which defeated Portugal in the 90th-minute 1-2 in Lisbon, are the lone newcomer who have qualified.

Alarmingly, Euro 2020 underdogs North Macedonia managed to qualify for the UEFA WC qualifying playoffs amongst these 22 sides.

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:eyes: :eyes:

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…not a huge footy fan myself but that was a great game to watch last night….love the play-in-the-snow celebration…that’ll get world-wide coverage today for sure…Mexico really poured it on near the end and the extra time ending was excellent…


1996 is apparently the highest rated Canadian team of all time
But if they qualify 2022 should be up there

This year we had our biggest blow out ever (beat Cayman Islands 11-0)

They expanded the qualification process (never had 4 teams previous years, if so Canada would have gone to more World Cups)

Canada played well. Great to see them stand up to Mexico. They will need that attitude when they have to play in Honduras and Panama with their crazy fans and tactics.
Fun watching the teams play in the snow. I played a game with this type of weather as a teenager, while on the field didn't feel the cold, no one wanted to be subbed out as you could see everyone sitting on the sidelines were freezing. :laughing:
The cold weather may have helped, but Canada likes to use their speed in counter attacking and making runs, a frozen field like that may have prevented Canada from playing even better.
Fell into prevent defense as Mexico pressed in the end, but made it out with the win. A commentator mentioned that that lapse may have been a good thing going forward as it will help keep the team grounded and focused.


The 1996 team did not qualify for the World Cup in 1998.

Did you mean the 1986 side by chance?

Actually, he may have meant 1996, as I believe FIFA has only started using the current ranking system in 1992.

So that ranking of 1996 may have infact been the highest up to now, as the 1998 World Cup cycle was the last time the Canadians made it to the final round of qualifying, in what was known as the "hexagonal" :slight_smile:

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Thought this was going to be a thread about the CFL Coming to an agreement with the Qatar Gridiron Football Association so they can provide players to fill the international spot on team rosters in Canada

naah, CFL cant afford players of that calibre

No the 1996 team was better than the 1986 team
The 86 team only qualified for World Cup because Mexico (as host) got a free pass

That left USA, Canada and the tiny island countries to qualify for spots

1996 was the year we had the highest rating under FIFA (but as you know they crashed to earth and did not qualify for 1998 World Cup)

Now this year we have performed better than expected and a victory over Mexico goes a long way to making the route to World Cup simpler by eliminating a playoff chance (which as you know could be a tie or loss)

But I will point out 32 teams qualify now (vs 24 a few years ago) and this will even increase to 48 (!)
As an equivalency; its like a 6 team CFL playoff (9 teams) so expect to see Canada in more World Cups going forward regardless of skill level

Well then if that's the case, I will disregard that ranking because it is not as if that system has been constant since 1996.

This Canadian team will qualify for the World Cup somehow. That team in 1996 did not make it and I had never heard of it before this thread.

One correction - the 1998 tournament in France was the first with 32 teams.

It was an outstanding tournament too.

I'm not high on the venue in 2022, and I am definitely not high on 48 teams in the World Cup but that's another thread.

We've already seen, as in Euro 2020 with now 24 teams, what a watered-down tournament looks like in the group stage and that's going to be far worse with 48 teams in a World Cup.

The way the World Cup tournament in 2018 ran with 32 teams in Russia was just fine despite poor coverage in the US not sure how well it was covered in Canada or not.

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Watch closely now in Europe the spillover effect of this awful scheduling for a World Cup in Qatar.

I suspect even though it's a year away, many of the current top players won't make it due to severe injury coming up.

In the Premier League for example, sides face up to 10 games in all competitions from now through the first days of January.

Then in January, there is the African Nations Cup that begins on 9 January, as rescheduled from last summer due to a variety of factors, which will affect some of the star players who then go back from all that constant play to their European (and Middle Eastern) leagues.

The idea is that by June, when league and tournament play will be complete, players will have a tranquil summer to recover for the re-start of play in late summer.

There have not been so many games in such a short time for so many top players before, so we shall see how this plays out.

All this to have a World Cup in Qatar on top of all else that got things there. :roll_eyes:

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