The Road to Perfection

What's up Lion's fans. Three weeks to kick off! Woo hoo! I am looking foward to seeing what Lions games will look like in that new stadium. I like the idea of no more dome. But that's just me.

I just wanted to stop by and first say hey, and to also share a football story I wrote with all of you.

Here is a litlte more about it below.

The Patriots were 35 seconds form it. The Colts gave up on it. This is my Road to Pefection.

This story represents my true inspiration for my blog, A Beautiful Night for Football. This is where it all began - on the road to Boston.

Aside from the tale of the Patriots 2007 season, I talk about my life long passion for this great Canadian game (and football in general), and my families fantacial affection for our Tabbies.

View this link to read more about how this story came to be, including a link to download this short story for free.