The Road Ahead: East Division Playoff Picture

Good article over at on the Playoff Race in the East Division.

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Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6-7, first place in the East Division)


The Ticats have a strong shot at not just making the playoffs, but winning the East Division title. They enter this final stretch on a four-game winning streak and have only lost once in their last six games since gunslinger Zach Collaros returned from injury.

These next three games will tell pretty quickly the Ticats’ fate, as they play the Argos twice – both on the road. Winning one of those games assures Hamilton the season series win, while winning both can assure the Ticats a higher standing than their Southern Ontario rival.

The bottom line:

  • A 3-2 record or better clinches the playoffs for the Ticats, as it assures they finish higher in the standings than either Toronto or Montreal as well as in all instances, Ottawa. It also guarantees a home playoff game. A division title also isn’t out of the question, as Hamilton would finish 9-9, meaning Toronto or Montreal would have to finish the season 4-1 just to tie.

  • A 4-1 record combined with any two Montreal losses guarantees a first-place finish for the Ticats. If Hamilton goes 4-1 but the one loss is to Montreal, the Alouettes can clinch first place by going either 5-0 or 4-1.

woulda been nice if the West continued there dominance against the rest of the East.

thanks for nothing West!

Why?? - The east was bound to balance things out eventually. Lots of reasons for the slow start in the East including injuries early on which are now affecting the West teams more. Much better for the League to have competitive teams in both divisions. Makes for more entertaining games when either team could win, regardless of division.

2 reasons
1 Because we would be running away with the division.
2 Tuck Foronto. Its my hope they lose every game of their miserable existence :wink: