The Rise & Fall of Casey Printers

A non-biased sober analysis of the career of Casey Printers

I hope he revives his career somewhere. Perhaps the AAFL.

Good story. I always believed it was his ego that held him back.

8) A good story indeed !!
  He was disliked by his teammates in BC, just as much as he was in Hamilton  !!!!     <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Printers ruined himself. 2004 gave him a huge head with all the success BC had and his MOP award. I think that is what ruined him. I have read a couple times in the past that Printers was a much better teammate before the MOP.

8) According to the article his selfish, me first attitude, actually started surfacing in his college days at Texas Christian University !!! :roll:

Hopefully Printers will be the Milestone for NOT awarding big contracts based on a players "potential" Ticats could have shown a profit in 2007 ,had they not thrown it at this cry_baby . He played himself out of a career. plain and simple good ridance!! IMHO any number of CIS qb,s could have done better!

I know he has always been cocky but my point is that the 04 season combined with the MOP sent him over the edge.

i know alot of fans are un happy with the outcome of casey printers (myself included) but i think at the time it was the right move to bring him in, Jason Maas just wasnt cutting it and we needed a new face at qb. I do hope casey catch's on somewhere else!

i was happy when CP signed here. then I saw him play so I said, oh after a training camp he'll be fine, opps, wrong again.

Printers doesn't have it anymore. I am not saying though that he ever did. You look at the BC system and it just amazes me that over the past 6 years, anyone who has played QB there has been successful. It's the same thing as the New Jersey Devils. They won 3 cups and are contenders every year but when a player leaves (ie Scott Gomez), they don't have that umph like they had playing in the system.

Most colleges in the USA also have a certain system in which they play in. Casey was successful because of the system that he was in in College at TCU and with the BC Lions. FAU, KC Chiefs and Cats, don't really have a certain system that they play. And with those teams, he was not successful.

Doug Flute didn't need a system. Flutie was a winner everywhere he went, including his return to the NFL.

I think it's funny that we ran Maas out of town but when you look back, his stats are actually better than CPs.

CP needs to go to BC or MTL to get back what he used to have.

I find his college days interesting. In hindsight, the move to Florida A&M was a bad move, but I doubt he would have been drafted even if he had stayed at TCU. How much media attention was he getting while he was at TCU by the way? I doubt it was much.
From what I know, TCU isn't a Big media favorite. LT was noticed because it was impossible not to see him. 400+ yd games in college are sure to get you noticed, even if you go to Podunk State University.

Wally will always take the qb that is best suited to playing in his system. Plus, he takes the time to let them develop within it. That is why he is almost always successful. Dave Ritchie basically plucked Wally's third stringer, Khari Jones, out of there and stuck him in Wally's offense in Winnipeg, and the rest was history.

If your going to take a Wally qb, you better put him in a Wally style offense. I don't know why the TiCat coaches didn't realize this from day one, when they had the opportunity to go that route.

I think The Mighty Casey needs more than a Wally style offense now because Wally would of taken him back and made the best player in the league out of him...Not taking anything away from Wally's system though.

I don't blame Printers. I blame the Ti-Cats organization. They are notorious for turning great players into horrible players. Printers being a great example. Other casualties of Hamilton's organization include:

Corey Holmes
Kenton Keith
DJ Flick
Tony Miles
Kahari Jones

If I was a player, I'd stay away from that team.

i would say Tony Miles was a "casualty" of T.O

Khari Jones was washed up when he came here.

Kenton Keith has played a few games here. id wait till after the season on that one.

and D.J Flick played great while with hamilton. he even played great when we was traded to Saskatchewan, led the league in TD cathes in 2007.

8) You are right on all counts there jordan02.
  As far as Corey Holmes goes, he was never used properly his first year in Hamilton by the coaching staff, thereby reducing him to a non factor.  By his second year here, he had pretty well lost it as a real dynamic threat on the field  !!!

 By the time he went back to Regina, he was done as a football player  !!!

Good article. Pretty much sums up everything we knew out West other than the stuff that happened in College,

Thanks for the link.

Arrogant or decide


It's unfortunate for Casey the way things haven't worked out for him here. I don't want to start yet another debate about him because I think our quarterbacks are solid, yet I would've still liked to have had him in camp. So you can agree or disagree with me and that is fine.

I really think that we haven't seen the last of Casey Printers in the CFL. If he is not in some team's training camp, the call will come throughout the season. Many lesser quarterbacks have been given 3 or 4 rebirths to their careers. Does Reggie Slack come to mind anyone? Somebody will come calling on Casey and maybe it'll be a better fit for him. I think nobody wants to touch him right now because no coach wants a quarterback controversy. But I look forward to seeing him playing at some point this season.

What some perceive as arrogance I consider it to be confidence and ambition. Who wants a quarterback that aspires to be a mediocre quarterback on a middle of the pack team? I think Casey is a real positive young man with a great competitive drive and tons of talent. It would be a great thing for the CFL and a great story to see Casey re-emerge in top form. Best of luck Casey! :rockin:

I totally agree.

Birdman, you are an Argo fan I understand, but that's quite the unfair posting. I know you're upset that the Ticats beat you twice last year, but come on...

As Jordan said:
How were Miles' numbers before he came to Hamilton? Jones was washed up. Keith only played a couple.

And the DJ Flick thing, I have no idea where you're getting that from. Have you looked at his numbers with Saskatchewan and Hamilton? Keep in mind Flick was injured last year.

Holmes I'll give you. I don't know what happened but I think we did indeed ruin him...

I believe that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Quinton Porter seems to be very confident when he steps on the field, but he also seems to display humility off the field. Big difference between that and being confident on the field and patting your own back when things go well and blaming everything else in the game when you don’t succeed. Danny McManus was a confident and ambitious QB, Printers in the same league?
Some players are their own worst enemy! They also don’t understand that RESPECT from team mates must be earned, not demanded.
That being said, I always admired Printers skill level, thought he was an outstanding athlete, I guess he thought so to.