The Riders never ending excuses

Well that’s sad , if that’s the case, maybe he just doesn’t have enough time, to even do that sometimes.

Yeah I was kinda sorta kidding. But not really.
I've noticed on the rare occasions when he does have time, he tends to lock on and look the coverage onto his receiver. Thats why he always seems to throw into double coverage... the DBs are reading and reacting before he even throws.

In fairness, that may be a symptom of shell shock from the repeated pounding he's been taking.

Your point on throw aways drawing RTPs was brilliant, though. I knew he needed to throw the ball away more, but I never thought of the penalty angle

I’m sure other teams think about that, same as throwing the long ball a lot. Your bound to get a pi. Call once in a while.

Good morning

You know what fixes the booing? Winning...enough said.

Doesn't sound like this guy is making excuses......

Looks like the defence quit playing after Marino got turfed. There will be an exodus of players out of sask. This winter I predict.

I think the defense is just gassed from being on the field all season and carrying the team to what success they've had.

I wouldn't mind seeing some players go... they need to be gone and replaced anyway. (Obviously thinking oline here, and Williams). I'd like to see the GM and OC join them. I'd be willing to give Dickenson one more year, but I'd make sure he knows he's on a short leash with handling team discipline issues.

Fajardo should shut up and perform. yea the O’line is bad etc, but Darian Durant responded to rider nation boos the right way. fans have a right to voice their displeasure when they pay to see professional sport and the product doesn’t perform to expectations.


We don't really have a choice.. Dickenson and O'Day are under contract and there is a cap.

Anyway I don't think this is a fair assessment on O'Day considering he's now down to his 10th olinemen this season and has had substantial stretches of multiple recievers on the IR. He didn't all the sudden just suck at his job.

The Oline is possibly the youngest in the league. Maybe bringing in one or two vets in the offseason, which isn't exactly an easy task either, might help shore it up.

The oline has been weak for multiple seasons now, and ODay has brought no one in. Most of the guys who started the year were subpar even when healthy. Ultimately, he is the one responsible for recruitment, and he has failed.

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They were probably top 3 in 2019... then covid where we had players leave to the NFL and retire.

Look at how crappy the Lions Oline was the last couple of seasons for Reilly. Yet this year that exact same group is among the best in the league. It's not a stretch to think your guys just need more time to gel. A tweak here or there & you never know.


I think we have some guys there thatll be decent, ie Bandy, Ferland Richardson, but they need to hit the weight room hard this offseason. Its too bad some of those guys were tossed into the fire without being able to really develop.

We should upgrade our left tackle tho... Terran Vaughn is good when he plays but injury prone.

You know your guys better than me, but your coachs/management seem to have faith. Sometimes it just takes time. I blame last year's BC Oline for the fact Reilly chose not to return yet look at how they did for Rourke. Night & day.

I would've liked to see Labatte play one more season and coach up some of the young guns. Losing Shepley was a huge blow too.. that guy was a tank.

When you think Bandy is only 23, still a boy playing against men... needs probably 3 years or so to fill out and put some muscle on.

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Cody is so focused on the rush he forgets to make his reads and get the ball out. If he got the ball out quicker the Riders might not be worst in the league at converting second downs. As it is he hits receivers coming back to him after completing their routes and they can't get to a first down because the coverage gets to come downhill and stop them short.

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Our recievers have been decimated as well for most of the season. They really haven't been open... it's not all on the quarterback

Do we have any scouts, I never here of anyone scouting for new players anymore. ?

When you look at 2019...

Thaddeus Colemen
Terran Vaughn
Dakota Shepley
Brendan Labatte
Dan Clarke
Phillip Blake
Dariusz Bladek

Two of those guys are still around... one has been out since week 2.. the other has missed substantial time

The others either retired, didn't return or play elsewhere.

Tough to find quality linemen to replace let alone 5.. let alone at least 3 Canadians.. generally you have guys sit on your PR for a year or two so that they can adjust to the system.


Just read Marshall taking exception to Dickenson's "we aren't very good" comments lol.. well he was telling the truth. 2-7 in the last 9 backs that up.