The Riders must learn to win on the road

First place is still very much alive for the Riders after the hard fought victory against Calgary tonight. We must, however, learn how to win on the road if we are to have any shot at first place. With back-to-back road games, it will be interesting to see if the Riders can turn the recent road woes around, and get their standing placement back into there hands.

For some irrational reason, I really believe they will get their act together on the road and win more than they lose from here on out. I will be at the next two road games so I hope this is more than just wishful thinking!!

Im jealous of that

LOL. I have to go to Ottawa the week in between them so I figured, eh, tack on a road trip at each bookend and I'm set!

Good luck legal! I have sat through two massacres of the Riders this season both in Calgary and in Winnipeg. Hopefully you are the good luck charm.

Nice, Im confident we will win both.