The Rider's are terrible and why!

These our observation's of tonight's game and the season in general! First some player's are not preforming to professional standards! I put this blame on GM! Second, there are an insane number of penalities! I put this blame on GM! GM challenges r a joke, the spot challenge should have been moved baack if anything! What you needed to challenge if chanllengable was ruffing the passer after the interception, the replay clearly showed the ball still in the air when durant was decked, not after it was caught! That's gotta be challenged you bimbo! Third, terrible play calling, 2 examples 3rd and 1, Durant from the shotgun, (ru for real DB?) Next, last 30secs of game 2nd & 3rd and 10, and you throw to 20yrd touchdown basically hail marry's when you only need 10yrds, you still had 15secs clock left, that's 3 plays from the 12yrd line! I blame DB! I still believe these player's on the field can win and make the playoff's! I do not believe these 2 inept bimbo coaches can get them there!

Agree totally, there better be some jobs on the line after tonight. They looked like a high school team until the 4th. DB should be done for sure!!!!

By GM do you mean HC? The GM has nothing to do with that challenge. Also, the challenge was taken with under 2 minutes in the half. It was a lose it or lose it situation, so he hoped for the big deal. is the GM responsible for penalties? You can not challenge a penalty (ie roughing the passer) other than basically PI, but ys, I thought they got it wrong as well. I think he threw deep because nothing was open underneath...the play was about 6 seconds long when he released, and he was looking for a dumpoff receiver.

Greg Marshall. I thought the same reading it the first time.

DD needed to use his legs on that last drive on 2 and 3 downs with 10 yds to go. Bad play calling going long. We do this way too often. Take it when its given but Calvillo will nickel and dime you and eventually gets the TD. We force the long ball too often.

Plz depop, of course i mean greg marshall! And penalties have to do with having your player's heads in the game running a well oiled machine not the tinman! punting the ball and you take a time count violation, totally greg's fault not having his team running smoth and efficent!

the Riders are terrible because of Inept coaching.

nothing else.

Greg Marshall has to go as soon as possible. Lack of effort, lack of preparation; lack of focus (how many times do we not have the right number of players on the field???), and way to many stupid penalties all point to coaching. The players have not responded to Marshall at all.

Hey, Getlaf catches it in the endzone on second down and this thread doesn't exist. Understanding this is a frustration thread, I continue.....I posted here on July 5 the Riders would be 1-7. Told you so. I hate being right but in all reality this team has three major problems:

  1. They can't rush the passer. Hence, player of week goes to "QB who played against the Riders last week!" Let's face it, no Riders have the award, and many players who play us GET the award. Feel free to barf now.
  2. Greg Marshall might be a talented guy, but he was an ASSITANT coach for 17 year for a reason. I think we are seeing that reason.
  3. We are a BAD team. Do we have good players? Sure. Are we a team? No. We won't step up for anyone.

God, keep us out the record books on Labour will be a afraid Rider very afraid....

Your observations are right on. Lets add on to that ...3rd down gamble without your regular line up in SHOTGUN formation..A very Berry mistake..typical of him getting creative at the wrong time. Marshall burns a time out needlessly to challenge an obvious right spot of the ball. Come on Rider mgt!! Even if you want to make excuses for stupid decisions by Taman and the is so blatantly obvious that there is no chemistry with the players and these guys...its not going to work...quit thinking that players need to be cut...its bad coaching chemistry. Remember "a message" was already sent to the players with a key player being cut earlier....Its time the coaches were sent a message....go get new jobs elsewhere.

A lot of talk about Berry,Hall, Marshall and Taman, but what about Durant? Should he not shoulder some blame for the ineffective offense?

I've been wondering about the Riders' "fall from grace"
And then it hit me
They haven't fallen from grace...really
From the "13th man" incident to lose the Cup in 2009
To last year's loss
To this year's complete implosion
It's suddenly dawned on me:
The Riders are cursed

Now what could this organisation have done
To be zapped by the evil eye?
Then I read that one of the conditions
For allowing the nascent Ottawa team back into the league
Was that they couldn't be called the "Rough Riders"
Or any variation thereof

Tradition is a powerful thing
Tons of karma wrapped up in it
More things in Heaven and Earth

So my suggestion to the Saskatchewan RoughRiders
Is if you ever want to win it all
And lift this monkey off your back
Welcome the Ottawa Rough Riders with open arms
Back where they belong
And all will be well with the world

Durant a sa part de blâme à assumer, notamment le fait qu'il est moins précis cette saison que par le passé. Cela peut-être dû en partie à sa ligne offensive qui le protège moins longtemps, mais lui-même a quelque aspects de son jeu de passe à revoir.

Mais au-delà d'un point précis, c'est l'ensemble de l'équipe qui doit se mettre en mission dès le début du match sur le seul objectif qui doit les mobiliser : la victoire. Et chacun doit prendre le blâme pour tout jeu manqué et travailler à mieux faire le prochain jeu. Il y a une panique collective qui doit être vaincue collectivement.

Durant is a superior player! God, NO! But, makes more great plays than bad one's! With all the miscue's and play calling the problem is purely on the coaching staff! These player's are surely .500 quality, management of them has made them .125! It's obvious to a common football fan!

Truer words were never spoken.

Yah but last night when they only sent 11 men on for a field goal, I think all curses have been lifted as now they are even. Nah, now that I think about it, it should have evened out a couple of games ago when it totally escaped their thinking to send out a HOLDER on a field goal.

All the play calling in the world will not help when the Riders continually shoot themselves in the foot. The loss against Calgary, first possession, snap the ball over the qb head, 2 and 26. Last night, Durant fumbles, Toronto ball. How do you win when you start the game like that? The players have to start taking responsibility and executing. Start with Durant, he is the 'elite' qb. It is not Marshall or Hall or Berry continually taking penalties.

I agree, but, one typically puts a heap of the blame for stupid penalties on coaching...lack of descipline. Guys make mistakes, sure, but 27 penalties in a game!!!!!!!!!

Sloppy a point, that is on conditioning coaches
rediculous penalties...coaching

The receiving corps looks way better yesterday. The playcalling looked improved. it really was rediclous penalties that killed them...27...holy crud! not including kickoffs, there were 121 plays run (45 by the Argos + 10 fg/punts, 62 by the Riders + 4 FG/punt). That means that 22% of plays from scrimage the Riders were penalized!. more than one out of every 5 plays! Turnovers asside (2 were t/o on downs, one at the end of the game), they could have and should have won that game.

I agree, depop, that, last night's play calling was an overall improvement.

I still think that shotgun formation on 3rd and short (TWICE!) should be a firing offense for an OC, though. :roll: What WAS he thinking?????????

But, that aside, yes, the game plan was better. I'm not sure if I can credit Berry with that or not. I have no reason to believe this, and nothing at all to back it up, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Miller was more involved with the play calling last night. Not the actual calls themselves, but in the game prep, and the types of calls overall. It just felt different out there.

Of course, its possible that there was interference before, and Berry finally got free reign last night, but I somehow doubt it. Miller is the guy who called out LaPo for boring play calls a while back, so I doubt he would try to encourage a straight drop-back vanilla offense, such as what we have seen so far. I think its more likely that last night's improvement was related to some string-pulling from above.

If that is the case, the team would be better served having Miller pull the strings directly, and remove Berry from the mix.

Even if that isn't the case, I'm not sure that the O has confidence in Berry. How much of last night's collective brain-farts were a result of just not buying into the system that Berry has been selling? Has he lost the offense in the room? Are the guys second-guessing him on the field? They sure aren't going to the wall for him, or for Marshall, the way they did for Miller and Austin.

I can't answer these questions. But I really do think that a change can't hurt.

On the D side of the ball, I've seen a lot of improvement. I think if Graham were to get tweaked and had to miss a few games, that his absence would fill a huge hole in the secondary. But the D has actually done what they are supposed to do for the past couple of games. Bend but don't break. They held a down a pretty good O against Calgary, and stopped Lemon's roll of success pretty effectively. Could we use more pass rush? Well, yeah, of course. But that's on Taman to fix, not Hall. Is the secondary weak? Maybe in places, but it's getting better.

Most importantly, Hall has started making situational adjustments, such as sending pressure on 2nd and long, and adjusting blitz packages to get around blocking schemes. We are now mid-pack in sacks. He seems to be hitting his stride. As noted earlier this year (I think by Depop), a good zone defense takes time to evolve and mature.

Do we need changes? Yes. I'd say Berry goes. I'd like to say Taman goes, too, but that's a personal bias more than anything else. Do we need to blow the team up? No. I think that would do more harm than good.

Hell, maybe they just need to go play paint-ball and hit the Olive Garden as a team-building exercise. What do I know?