The Riders are coming to town

... and so will I be!! If I behave, will y'all treat me nice? And if I don't, will you treat me nicer??? :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

I have never been to Ivor Wynne and my purpose is to see it before she is laid to rest after your brand spaking new Pan-Am stadium takes over (GET IT DONE HAMILTON!!!). IW is renowned for the game-day experience and I am really looking forward to that experience.

Any advice? And, getting down to football, what are your pre-game thoughts from the perspect of the fans of my favourite eastern team?

Meet the same people as these Montreal fans did, and you should be alright

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I like that idea you have. IWS will not be around for much longer, and so if you can make the trip to see a game there, it would be best to do it. In fact, as someone does not live near Hamilton and can't easily make it to games, I went to last week's game. And I plan on going to more of them. The stadium that replaces it, wherever it'll be located, and whatever the design of it will be, will simply not be the same.

It could be its location that may be part of its charm. It may be one reason this organization has been losing money. But being right in the heart of the city, very much a part of it could be something to like about it. It could also be the memories it brings back when there. When looking to the west end of the field, you see where Dave Fleming caught that TD pass in the '72 Grey Cup. Looking to the east side of it, you see where Ian Sunter's Grey Cup winning FG was kicked in '72, and Ozzy's game-winning FG in the '98 EDF game was kicked. I know some of those memories may be bad ones for Rider fans, though. :slight_smile:

It does have quite the atmosphere. Not sure if it is as good as the atmosphere at Taylor Field. But it is good.

It is a stadium that is built specifically to do its job, which is to be a place to see a football game. And it does its job very well. I myself will try to make it to IWS more often, and I'll miss the stadium that has been called the Fenway Park of the CFL when it is gone.

This one should be good, if we can run block and get Cobb going like last night, that will really help.

Tailgating is a pretty simple deal in Hamilton.
Clean up after yourself.
Drink out of non-transparent plastic cups.
Whether you are a Ticat fan or a visitor you're always welcome in Lot J,
as long as you aren't looking for trouble.
We believe we're all fans of the same game and we should celebrate
having the CFL to enjoy!
Come by and say hi!

Get to Lot J early. You should also shop for your watermelons early as they aren't as plentiful in September outside of Saskatchewan.

The stores won't sell melons to anyone from Saskatchewan though I've heard, it's a new law that just went into effect last week. :smiley:

Thanks everyone. My cousin, a miguided Ticats fan, will be leading the way but I will be sure to direct our entourage to some of your suggestions.

BTW, I live in Québec so does the watermelon ban apply to me??? :lol: 8) :lol:

Hope you have fun at the game legalbeagle -- should be a beauty! Gonna be a great time. Actually hope there is decent contingent of green in the house. Always makes for a fun atmosphere.

Just on my way home now from the Ticat game, a week of work in ottawa and the TO-Riders game so am finally getting a chance to fire off a quick note to thank the TiCats organization and their fans. My bro and I had a great time in your barn - it was really good ribbing but always respectful all the same :slight_smile: The game was really close and while I won't complain about who won, you guys have a good team - stick with them. I'm cheering for you this afternoon! :slight_smile: