The revolving door continues

Ken 'Jeepers Creepers' Peters
The Hamilton Spectator Jun 11, 2007

The Cats released two-year veteran
Canadian receiver Iain Fleming yesterday.

and signed import pass catchers Carl Ford
and Anthony Arceneaux, both from Utah.

Anthony Arceneaux was at our free agent camp last month.

Charlie Taaffe said

"We have to get better there. We weren't real a group.

"It wasn't nearly as consistent as it needs to be.

That's an area of concern right now.

We have to make some strides there this week," he said.

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I wouldn't call it a 'revolving door'. More accurately, this is an upgrade. If you follow Ticat training camps over the years, you will know that if a player is good, he will get noticed, and play.
If the only reason you keep a player is to backup a starter in case of injury, then you are only taking up a roster spot. Clearly, he wasn't good enough to start (or even back up), so with this new Management, you are left to find another Team, or another profession.

I know it sounds cruel, but ANY player getting cut sounds cruel. The fact that Ian Fleming was let go EVEN before pre-season shows that Ticat Management has no faith in his abilities, or that there are OTHER candidates in camp who are better prospects.

This bodes well, because it tells me that this year, not only the starters will be accountable, but the backups as well.
There are no free rides this year....

The Eagle ----- :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I'm not surprised by the release of Fleming, but I really was hoping he'd be the next Mike Morreale. It's always good to see a hard-working Canadian kid succeed. All the best to Iain. I hate cuts (even though I know they're necessary).