The Return of the One, the Only. . . BART ANDRUS !!

As offensive coordinator for the Omaha NIghthawks of the UFL:

[url=] ... 01189893/0[/url]

Match made in heaven. . . Bart Andrus, who put together an excrutiatingly boring offence in Toronto, now coaching offence in a league that is excrutiatingly boring to watch.

. . . and in that article, he is quoted as saying this:

"I am eager to get started with Joe and the rest of the staff in building an offense that will be exciting, dynamic, and appealing to the fans.?

Wow. . . 'exciting, dynamic, and appealing to the fans."

Sure doesn't remind me of his offence in Toronto. . .

...he does have an impressive forehead, you gotta give him that...

The UFL just hired Count Chocula. Ah ah ah!

So can fans in Omaha expect their two best players to leave because of their incompetent coach?