the return of the former #11

i know its almost inevitable,that with the return of the former #11,jason maas, that there may not be a warm welcome for him.
is there any way that when he steps foot on the IWS field friday night that he gets the reception that he is NOT expecting?
jason is not stupid. he knows what to expect-wrong or right.alot of you hold him responsible for those losses when he was here-playing hurt, having a wonky arm. he is guilty of one thing and that is of being a fierce competitor, a guy who plays through extraordinary amounts of pain and also a very proud guy who took all those losses on his shoulders,always trying to find where HE went wrong-not his teammates.this guy did everything the team asked of him in the community, giving his own time for various causes.

so for a couple of minutes on friday night, when given the opportunity,maybe we should stop and think about the reception he is expecting and give him the one he is not expecting. prove to the people who are watching on tv that your are not the type of fans they think you are.anyone with a maas jersey should think about wearing it-if you haven't burned it yet.

city legend

I'm not booing Maas. It wasn't all his fault. And when you look at his stats, you realize he wasn't really all that bad (although admittedly stats aren't everything).

if i can make it out to the game, this thread reminded me what to do:


I'll give him a cheer.

I'd boo the S*** out of him if I were there.

What you should have said is that he's guilty of being selfish and played while knowing he was injured. Opposing teams knew he couldn't throw the ball more than 5 yards and they keyed in on that.

The result?

The Little Giants could have come in and whooped us.

So I say... BOO MASS.

When you make the money he made and you perform the way he did... no sympathy.

Is Maas starting?

Do you really think the coaches didn't know? Do you think that he made excuse in practice when they asked him to throw deep? Of course they knew. The coaches were just as much at fault. Really though, it wouldn't have made any difference. None of those quarterbacks would've done anything. Who was the alternative? And don't say Chang or Williams, even though they were the alternative - i should have said, who is the LEGITIMATE alternative.

Why not boo a selfish head case who misled everyone, and spent the best part of a year and a half prancing around having tantrums, while he proclaimed himself to be fit and healthy? He only stayed here so he could keep the exorbitant starter's salary that his buddy Macioccia gave him to drive up his price for the Tiger-Cats. He came; he choked; he cashed out.
Boo his ass off the field.

I'll cheer him

He gave it his all.

It's the coaches decision who plays.

The coach put him in and he tried his best.


He quit before he got here.

Don't tell me Casey didn't come to town hurt last year. I still don't think he's right.

Maybe you should boo him too. Boo the Doctors that passed them on their physicals, or the GMs and coaches who signed them anyway.

8) How right you are "als4ever" !!!

Jason Maas was mentally the type of QB I wanted myself to be(peewee football). To have the ability to take the beating he took some games with no reliable receivers and get back up every play says alot about a mans character. And while maybe he didn't have the greatest success here, I admire a man with good character. I am still a Jason Maas fan and always will be. He came in here, made the most of what he had and tried his best. Thats all you can ask of a man, and since his best wasn't good enough he was shown the door, which is ok. Jason is a class act and is mentally and character wise a model football player.

Tipper, let's get one thing straight right now:
als4ever is NEVER right.

Normally Id be upset about this but I do try to consider the source.

The negativity spewed here by BatlCat and a few more is the reason IWS isnt a very fun place to be anymore.

Als4ever wrote,

The negativity spewed here by BatlCat and a few more is the reason IWS isnt a very fun place to be anymore.

Actually Als4ever,

IWS is a great place to be!! How can your fustration with a few posters reflect on the atmosphere of the stadium?

Hamilton has great football fans and it`s a blast to be going to the games at Old Ivor Wynne!! :thup:

Lets give him a nice Cheer and show why us Ticat fans are the Classiest Fans around lol save the Boo's for Oshea :slight_smile:

I would cheer him, but he won't get in the game unless it's to prevent the Eskies from running up the score.

Not that I thinks they'll win, but we all know that our defence won't get close to Ray all night so he won't be getting injured this week.

If I hear that Mr. Maas has signed up for Anger Management101
to try to get rid of his toxic anger-centred approach to life.

I will congratulate him, if I have the opportunity.

If I ever hear that he has treated people in a respectful manner
and NOT been rude to one person anywhere for one entire year,

I will courteously applaud him next time he comes to town

Maas is a bum... think the word bum will be censored?


he deserves nothing less....

Gimma abreak with the happy dappy bull....