The return of the beast of the East?

138-77-1 since 1996 the best stats in the league.

I’ll be your worst nightmare!

YES the Beast of the East is back!

Good because I would like to see that Montreal stays strong. It will probably help Quebec City get a team if Football keeps building steam like it has. Forget the new arena because face it the Nords aren't coming back. That money would be better spent on a new football stadium.

Though there is so much uncertainty surrounding this team, and we are definitely not at the top of the food chain with Winnipeg's emergence and Toronto reloading, I am still more optimistic with Trestman on the sidelines than I was last year with Jim Popp, the fake head coach, in charge.

I don't know about the top of the food chain but all teams face challenges.

Winnipeg will miss Steagall and Khan. Will Edwards and Armstong repeat? Westwood !

Toronto just lost their starting RB that they acquired in exchange for Younger. Their receiving corps is unproven. Many aging guys at key positions, a new HC.

Hamilton's only two proven receivers are 500 yards guys. Their entire defensive backfield is unproven. Their starting RB has never played more then half a season.

It always looks greener in the neighbours yard but the Als can compete in their division if they fix thhe Oline and get some pressure on defense.

You forgot with Hamilton that if things dont go Printer's way, he'll stomp his feet, and hold his breath until his face turns blue. Then his agent will go and tell the world how hard done by Casey is. :roll:

[u]138-77-1[/u] to be more accurate !

The players respect Trestman, he listens and seems to care about the players. I think the more the season progresses, the players will like him more.

I'm not expecting a 14-4 seasons like we grew accustomed too, but I do think this team won't underachieve like last year. I see the players respecting Trestman as a coach, and him bringing this team together as a whole, minus the clicks and different groups like we had last season.

When I went to camp, Chip Cox and Kerry Watkins were laughing together, which was good to see after that video last season.

Trestman is known as an offensive guy, who actually has success on his resume. He worked with great coaches, and saw what he does to put together a winning team. I'm positive Trestman did his research, studied the CFL game, and will make things work.

With a new guy in charge, the opposing teams won't know what to expect from us. Our offense looks real good on paper, our Defense looks real good on paper, and we finally have a good returner.

I don't agree that our D looks good on paper at all. We lost our starting safety to the NFL and have yet to find a viable replacement. Our D-line is in tatters with Romero's departure, Stewart having lost a step, and neither Bowman nor Keeping having shown they can be impact players. Our linebacking corps looks all right, but our DC is a guy Calgary fired halfway through last season. Our OC has exactly one year of CFL experience, and wasn't exactly a resounding success as QBs coach.

I'm hopeful because of Trestman, but let's not kid ourselves. This team still has a LOT of holes and it remains to be seen whether the players will gel properly or whether they'll just crash and burn.

One correction; our DC was not fired in Calgary half way through the season. That was Creehan, who is now Hamilton's DC. Calgary replaced him with Burke, and he's now our DC.

While Boulay leaving does make a hole mostly because he was a NI, he had 28 defensive tackles last year. To put that in perspective the two years Karikari played for us he had 43 and 37 tackles respectively. Als could move Sanchez to Safety and put a big corner like Rashaun Kizer in his place.

Romero was no Ed Philion...

New players will come in and make their mark like Drew did last year. Young Robbie Powell could be a great addition at Tackle or Centre. Jermaine McElveen at Defensive end. There are others. Firr will most likely replace Stala and Emry will replace Dorvelus. Perrett and Bourke will slowly replace Mudge and Fritz.

Be patient. This team will be built over the season, not in 3 weeks.

He confused him with his son who's our LB coach.

Whoops, sorry for the Creehan mistake. Thanks for correcting me, MadJack.

HfxTC, regarding the tackle stats for Boulay and Karikari, I'd argue that tackles are often not a very positive statistic for a member of the secondary because it means he's tackling someone who has successfully caught the ball. Boulay was great at knocking down passes or bailing out a beaten DB (often Cox) over top because he had the wheels to get there in time and the cover skills to read the QB's eyes and break quickly on the ball. So less tackles, but less completions too, and I'll take the former over the latter any day when it comes to a member of the secondary.

You make a good point about tackle statistics, dp.

It is sort of similar to what happens during a broadcast of a game.

If a member of the secondary is being referred to a lot during games, it means he's being thrown against a lot, which means the other side is picking on him thinking he's the weak link back there.

Conversely, if one DB rarely gets mentioned in a game, it means he's doing his job....he's got his receiver covered and they aren't throwing against him.

The fewer mentions you get during a game, as a DB, is a good thing, just as are stats showing few tackles, for the reason you gave.

It is why I think Jesse Hendrix was one of our better cover guys last year (and underrated). He replaced Sanchez after he went down, and yet, game after game, you hardly ever heard his name called....they were going after Estelle and staying away from Hendrix's side.

Now, to prove that I don't know what the heck I'm talking about, look at last year's Grey Cup. The Bombers hardly ever went after Airibin Justin on one corner, and insisted on forcefeeding passes against the other corner, Johnson, who ended up with three interceptions (and dropped a fourth).

So what do I know.................

Agreed on all counts. Estelle really struggled last year, he was giving his receiver way too much cushion, and opposing QBs were playing pitch and catch on his side of the field. Need a first down? Just throw a quick out to Estelle's receiver, because Estelle will be playing five yards off his man at all times. :?

Now, to prove that I don't know what the heck I'm talking about, look at last year's Grey Cup. The Bombers hardly ever went after Airibin Justin on one corner, and insisted on forcefeeding passes against the other corner, Johnson, who ended up with three interceptions (and dropped a fourth).
Your theory is perfectly sound. They didn't go after Justin because he was shutting down his man. However, Johnson was also shutting down his man, leaving them with few options. :)

You guys are thinking of corners and HB's.

The two best safety in the league (Miles and Steinhauer) consistently have around 40+ tackles a season.

hmm, good point. but the question is: are they involved in a lot of safety blitzes and so forth? because we haven't really had a safety involved in that way since the days of Will Loftus.

Hey, the Esks cut Ron Warner. Thoughts on taking a flyer on Warner? It's not like we don't need help on the line.

Depends I suppose on how the coaching staff feel the new D linemen we have in camp are doing.

Nothing ventured nothing gained I suppose; no loss if we give him a look-see.

But on that score I fail to understand why we didn't take a flyer on either or both of Scott Coe and Brian Clark.

We're pretty thin at MLB....last time I saw the depth chart (and the team website sure seems to have trouble keeping it available for some unfathomable reason) we only had Spencer, Emry, Hucklack, and some new guy listed there (Mackey's gone, Ellis injured); and that doesn't exactly fill me with a lot of confidence at that crucial spot.

I don't understand overlooking Coe and Clark either, especially when you consider that they were trying to work in Ellis at defensive end, not at MLB.