The return of Ottawa in CFL falls apart. Jeff Hunt Bails.

I am really ticked off at this news that I just read that the return of Ottawa in the CFL just fell appart.
Jeff Hunt is very angry with both the CFL and the City of Ottawa.
The City of Ottawa just told the CFL that they would not spend a dime on the stadium and it was up to the new owners to rebuild it.
Because of that the CFL demanded that the new owners invest their own money into the stadium. Jeff Hunt is angry and told the CFL to screw off and bailed out.
Looks like we may never see the CFL back in Ottawa again.

Here let me find you the articles.
It was just on the radio as well.

Here are the links to the articles Of the Ottawa Sun and Ottawa Citizen.

Oh and one more thing....

....APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Had me hook, line and sinker have to admit but then haven't finished my coffee yet, still a tad on sleepy side. :wink:
Good one BB!

Didn't get me, BB! Sportsmen already nailed me in the Argo forum, so my guard was up.

For once I agree with ro1313.

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it was a good attempt. i think the cfl fans voting on replays was better. good show BB

The sad thing is this will likely be reality in a few months!!!

wow good one, got me pretty good...

RO, you fell for it too,lol dont give me that.


…but seriously…do people still really fall for April Fools jokes?

The drug addicted and the sleepy as Earl mentioned. Lets just say the, semi-conscious.


I refuse to acknowledge this so called april fools. I take everything as I would in any other time of yr. Its either the truth or a lie. If it is a lie, then the author is a dirty rotten stinking liar never again to be believed.

Isnt deliberatle posting false and misleading information a bannable offense???

Nope Its been 23 years since I fell for an April fools joke

pulled a porkys on you, did they? :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

…well, that could be problematic. I think the opinions of several regular posters might qualify as “false and misleading information”, thus resulting in a ton of banning.

operative word is deliberate.

I think they're quite deliberate in posting their opinions. It's pretty hard to post in a forum by accident!

lol I know what you meant, I was trying to be funny...... yay me.....