the return of Casey//

......Not official yet but it looks like Casey Creehan is returning to the fold....Can't argue with his success HERE, being a part of our Grey Cup run in 2011...As far as his tenure in Hamilton...let's just say it was lacklustre...Could have been a lot of reasons for that failure, so I'm going to put a couple forward...The players he had to work with were inferior to our guys, when we had the Cup appearance....orrrrrrr It wasn't really a great working relationship with Cortez that was the problem....Could have been a combination of both...I like what Creehan brought to the table...I guess we'll find out next year who the real Creehan is...One thing I do know is that Burke and he are definitely on the same page and have a great working relationship :thup: I hope it leads to some great successes on the field.

Thank-You :rockin: may not be so thankful in 2013, when the 'real' Creehan starts to peform...Our fa D guys are already talking about re-upping because they they like the guy and want to return to the winning ways...Makes me wonder what was going on in the hammer :roll:

Well see. The word here was he treated players like they were in High School, and all that yelling wore thin. The players tuned him out. He lost the room. Defensively that is !! He is Offside :?

Seemed like a passionate guy, but looked completely lost on the sidelines at times in Hamilton. "Deer in the headlights" look. Couldn't make on the fly adjustments to save his life. Didn't have strong players on D with the Ticats, either, and that was part of the problem. But when you are in Toronto, needing a win to get into the playoffs, and you need a defensive stop in the last minute, and Toronto's FOURTH STRING QB marches the ball 60 yards downfield into range for the winning field wonder Cortez "didn't get along" with Creehan. That was the last straw, I'm sure. Should do decently in Winnipeg with better players...IF Burke holds his hand and doesn't let go.

Bomber fans won't be too worried about this addition. Burke and Creehan work very well together and understand their defense to a tee. Bomber D-line is better suited for what Creehan wants for pressure and Burke can now focus on being a HC. The players have responded well to him in the past, so therefore I see no problem there. Win-win all around. Good move.

Difference between Burke as DC and Creehan as position coach (the past) and Burke as HC and Creehan as DC. We'll see how it goes. Creehan will definitely have to tone down his in-your-face style and improve at in-game adjustments or he won't last long in Winnipeg, particularly since the defense will be expected to carry a lot of the load.

It is but to laugh.

When I saw the title of this thread, my first thought was "what, Joe Mack has solved his QB quandary by signing Casey Printers?" Casey 'ego' Printers...AND not Casey at the Bat....Casey Creehan, who may have struck-out in the hammer but not in the Peg ,fame, at least as of yet....We'll see if the two (Burke and Creehan) can get that formidable D back into operation...If they do, there won't be too much laughing in the eastern conference.. :wink: :lol:

And it’s not Casey Bramlet either. Shucks.

I’m on the fence on this one. The Burke-Creehan combo worked well two years ago and lets face it. Then Creehan has a bust of a year in Tiger Town. Granted Creehan had some issues in terms of personnel and injuries and ratio changes which affected his side of the ball. Best case scenario, Burke maintains some hand in the defence, both he and Creehan get back into a groove working together, and Creehan’s energy lights a fire under a few arses that underperformed in 2012. Add a solid SAM linebacker and maybe another quality Dlineman or two to the mix and the D can rebound to one of the best in the league.

What was Creehan then? The linebackers coach, nothing more. Now he'll be the DC. Different situation.

Yes and no. Lets face it, Burke will have a hand in the defense, regardless of what's said publicly about turning over control of the defense to the co-ordinator. We saw what happened with LaPo when he said he'll turn over the offense to the new OC after they let Baressi go and his reluctance to give it up ended up causing him and Crowton to butt heads. This time around hopefully the prior working relationship between the two should benefit the team. And with burke there, if there are any issues Creehan can lean on burke. In Hamilton, the HC was an offensive guy so Creehan didn't have the same support structure there. At least I'm hoping that's how it goes and not the way it went for the Ticats D this year.

Not saying it won't work necessarily, just that the success Burke and Creehan had in the past was different -- Creehan was only a position coach.

....a position coach here...yes, but valuable experience as a d co-ordinator in the hammer also....I don't think Casey had a lot to work with in Ham. on D. ... The cats seemed to want to concentrate totally on their offence, recruiting Burris, Fantuz, Giguere etc. and forgot the D ...For a novice at the d co-ordinators job, I think Creehan did as well as could be expected with what he was handed...What's the ol saying, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken poop...We'll see if Creehan can excel at the position now ,under the guidance of one of the best D minds in the league (who incidentally work very well together)..He'll also have something to work with on D, unlike the situation last year...Some of the Bomber fas on defence Sears and Turner,have already expressed their satisfaction about the fact Creehan is going to be returning...I'm looking forward to a big improvement on our defence in 2013...and that spells trouble for the rest of the eastern division :wink:

I don't doubt that Winnipeg's defense will be difficult for the rest of the east to handle in 2013. Offense? It remains to be seen...:wink:

All Winnipeg needs is QB to be competitive. That is the key to their offseason.

.....EXACTLY...Bomber management is burning the midnight oil on that one :wink:

there's no better example than the Denver Broncos

Next season is just gonna be a repeat. Tim burke is gonna have his good opp. ripped right from under him.