The Retro Look

This turns me completely off. I would rather that teams continue to use existing uniforms that the retro ones. I recently saw Regina in red and white- foreign!!!! In addition some teams don't put names on retro uniforms- cut the retro!!!

It's about heritage of the CFL and the old time greats. Going to games in the late 60's and the 70's when I grew up, I/we didn't know any different as the 80's, 90's and up to todays date were not here yet. But yea it's easy to say now as todays uniforms look great. Other than that said the game is still won on the field just as it was then. :thup:

I don't mind it some times. I actually liked Edmonton's look last season. My sister bought me the retro long-sleeve shirt for my birthday last year, and I'll be buying the retro jersey within the next month or so.

I think the retros in all the major professional sports in north America has gone to far with it, know i do remember BC lions
IN THE MID 70,S and remember the orange tops, and it is great that they are going to wear them on Sat but do not over do it or it will lose it's novelty.

I think it's great. Can't wait to get one and customize it. Much to the chagrin of this satirist...

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I think they are fine! don’t be such a whiner!

Thanks for bringing us the "ironic post of the day".

I like it. It’s a great way for the fans now to learn about the players of the past. Sure, a jersey won’t do that, but this whole Retro Week thing is about remembering the greats from before. I’m all for it.

some teams don't put names on retro uniforms- cut the retro!!!
If there's anything I like about the Red Sox, it's that they don't have player names on their home jerseys. Names really are unnecessary. It's special that fans can identify the players by their numbers.

And it’s WAY easier to cut guys.

I like Montreal’s retro uni tonight. Are the Riders wearing retro unis, too? I can never tell. All of their unis look the same. :lol:

The Alouettes' uniform is absolutely beautiful.

Yeah, 70's logo, and a little different shade of green on the jerseys than now.

At second glance, the green does look a bit different. I actually like the colours of both helmets. They look really sharp.

what is this? there is a game on, and you all discussing the uniforms like a cackle of women at a fashion show :wink:

Here here.

There there.

Really love both Uni's tonight. It's not as noticeable but the Riders are wearing pretty much the opposite of their green retro's, it's got the 2 green strips on the shoulders, and I love the retro helmet. Montreal's retro's look sharp again as well.

so if they do the retro thing next year.. does mtl wear baltimore stallion jerseys?

next yr is retro tutu yr