The Rest of the Coaching Candidates?

There was alot of talk about coaching Candidates, ie Barret, RD Lancaster, Stasser, Dunigan, Climie. Where does anyone think they will end up?
What about Dmac do you think he'll retire and coach this year? If so is Hamilton a place for him. He loves the area and his wife is from around here. He might make a good QB coach.

As Coach Taaffe said today... the more important hire will be the Defensive co-ordinator... Charlie is an offensive guy and he'll need to have someone on Defence that can take the unit over and not look back.... someone LIKE Don Sutherin, and no i dont think he should be the hire.

I dont think Coach McPhee is the right guy either because of his lack of experience as a co-ordinator. We could afford to take a chance on an offensive coordinator because Coach Taaffe is there to give his input, perhaps someone like Dunigan...

I cant wait to see who gets looked at for the Defence.

Whatever became of Kavis Reed??

If any of the Ticats' 2006 assistant coaches gets re-hired it would be a huge mistake. They had their chance and they blew it. Time for some new blood.

My pick for OC would be Barrett. DC and ST, who knows?

"My pick for OC would be Barrett. DC and ST, who knows?"

I think all bets are off with the possibilities we are aware of for assistants. Charlie has been around the coaching profession for a long time so he can cast a wide net. I still think Greg Marshall (the other) is a possibility for DC but I am sure Charlie knows of, and could attract, many qualified candidates. This will be an off-season we can actually look forward to. :slight_smile:

Based on Coach Taaffe's comments at the press conference yesterday, he seems to be leaning toward assistant coaches that he has previously worked with and who have CFL experience. This might make someone like former Ticat assistant coach Don Wnek, who coached in Montreal in 1996-1997 and 1999-2001 and is now assistant coach (defensive line) at Baylor, a good candidate for the position of defensive coordinator:

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Hmmm i think that given the defense last year, Kavis didnt do a bad job. They were on the field alot and still played relatively wrong. I say bring Kavis back

i dont think thats fair at all, i think kavis did a fine job last year, we lost goss, we had a pretty banged up secondary, not to mention they played all 4 quarters of the game!! i would like to see kavis back.. he didnt get a fair chance and with the chance that he had, i thought he did well
if our offence would have stayed on the feild for more then a 3 and out, the d would b fired up and not as tired.. i feel bad for kavis if his job in not renewed.

of course if we sign Simpson.... Goss doesn't leave.... and Young doesn't get hurt.... that Defense starts to look pretty scary.... two things preventable... one not...

Its the business of sports... the defence had many chances to get us back in games last year when the offence FINALLY clicked and they didnt. To say the defence played "well" is not accurate, they were bad... just not as bad as that horrid offence.

Start over, the players obviously didnt play hard enough for Kavis.

Maybe Rod Rust

Charley dose know him well
He was his DC in Monrteal
I am just Worried about his Health this guy is a Fossil..