The reserve/"taxi" squad

With all the talk of ratios and the like (hope the current 42 man breakdown doesn't change) - what is the rationale for not allowing teams to dress and play all 46 men on the game day roster? Adding these four players would provide teams with a lot more flexibility and lessen the impact of injuries. As long as the salary cap is in effect, it has no impact on the team balance sheet. You could attach a mandate related to the ratio - typically the four players who sit are 3 Imports and 1 NI. Why not make it that, or maybe 2 and 2. Although that would flip the balance of non-QBs to the Americans, would it really make a big difference if the 7 CND starters requirement was unaltered?


Cost! Taxi-squad players are paid less than their rostered counterparts. If you're offered the chance at taxi-squad (paid on a per week basis) you take it because jobs are few and far between. Also, there is the possibility to move up the depth chart (through injury or hard work n practice).

But I'm not talking about practice roster, where there is a definite cost difference. These are the four game-time decisions each game that are otherwise on the active roster - aren't they contracted like other players?

I don't know what the justification is, but it's not unique to the CFL - NFL teams dress 46 of 53 players on the active roster and carry 5 on the development roster; NHL teams dress 20 of 23 active players.

Ahh, I understand now. Sorry. I believe (and this is my feeling) that it is meant to allow coaches to alter personnel up to the 1 hr roster card presentation to the ref. During a week, one player may outplay a vet and earn a spot, others might be late scratches due to nagging injuries (that aren't serious or you don't want to declare), or discipline issues (that you don't want aired), and the like. While teams don't do it as much as in the past (due to incentive bonuses), towards the end of a season, it was customary to sit key starters prior to the playoffs. This way you don't have to move a star player to the practice roster (and risk him not clearing the waiver wire). They are still fully contracted and salaried.

I may be wrong but if my memory is correct, the league went to 46 players after the Ottawa franchise was put in mothballs. The thinking was that Ottawa would be back in a couple of years and the team would have to restocked. What better way, then to have an extra 4 players per team (4 X 8 = 32 players) to do this.

I don't get it, there is a 46 man roster and only 42 play the game.
I say let all 46 play and this increase would greatly enhance the playing status of teams which go through multiple injuries during a game.
When you figure 2 backup QB's that generally do not play a game, on top of which some teams carry a seperate punter and a FG kickers, it does not leave much for back ups, much less specialists.
In fact, I would go as far as say get the roster up to 50 players and have a 6 man taxi squad.
Increase the cap to $5M and increase the minimum to $50K and while we are at it lets increase the GC share to $25K per winninig player and $15K for the losers.
Let's get out of the dark ages, as the league can afford it.

I agree, Let's use all of the players available. But it should be 2 NI and 2 Imports as to not mess up the ratio.

anything but messing with the ratio, or reducing the 7 starters to 4.