...The replay system...

What I want to say is this...if you don't have the camera's to cover the play's that I can see from my sofa,either do it right and get more camera coverage or don't bother. Milt Steagal never caught that ball.

If this was the Grey Cup,and they replayed it,and they got the play wrong,what does that tell us about our replay system,because we really got this one wrong!!!Get your act together CFL!!!!

I agree with you except this call didnt change anything. Had it been ruled a incompleted then overturned it would have been a travisty. In this case the replay had not affect. It was ruled a touchdown and it would have been a TD even if there was no replay

My point is that they screwed the call up,because the replay system obviously did not give the ref's enough knowledge to call it an incomplete pass which I saw on my couch!
It looked good but it was NOT a catch.

If the replay system was any good,they should have caught that.DUH!Very frustrating!

I am from Winnipeg,I love my Bombers,but I don't like it when a call on the field, with replay' gives a touchdown to a team when it isn't a touchdown.

...how about a call in the last game against Cal....that Wpg. challenged and lost when Willy Foster was clearly down and the ball was awarded to the stamps....b.s. call that resulted in a stamp td. ....i agree though, the video review has to get better... :wink: 8)

You are right on both counts, papa. Brutal calls in both cases.

ur being a little harsh it was nice to get a call our way finally. and well the way stegall got up and challenged higgins to challange shows me he caught it. and so did the one reply we got at the stadium. of anyone knows who caught it is the reciever.

And is the reviever ever gonna admit he didnt?
He didnt catch it and the replay clearly showed it

I'm still of the opinion the instant replay has not proved its worth. All they're doing is making the refs look worst than they are and slow down the game. Last night's TD replay sure did not help in promoting its use. This time we won but last week who knows what would have happened had the call be right?

ok there ro just cool the jets abit. i am just saying from view and the replays in the stadium there was no proof to show he didn;t catch it also the angle i saw on sportsnet afterwards showing the highlights. and actually the one angle showed a pretty good view for the catch. and no they won;t but they aren't so cocky when they don;t. when they make they catch they will rub it ion like he did.

Another candidate to join the Arius, Stampsrock, Sportsmen bandwagon......(See main forum Re Jake Ireland) Replay is a joke. They don't have the camera angles like the NFL.

As my Mother used to say, "If you can't do the job right, then don't do it!"