The Renegades to play street football?

It's kinda funny no one ever started a thread on this topic, but isn't anyone worried that the Renegades still have nowhere to play football this year?

The lease they had in Frank Clair ended last season. Apparently, they don't have the financial resources to renew it... and they host their first (preseason) game in 23 days.

As time goes by, it is less likely they will cut a deal in their favour, the stadium owners knowing they have no other options.

What do you think will happen?

And wihout the Gades, what other tenant do these geniuses have?

great point...........

........but from a property management point of view a stadium making no money is better than a stadium losing money.......the team rents the facility.......the facility management group has to pay for things like electricity, water, staff (security, tickets, janitorial, etc.) and then recoupes those costs from the renter........if the propsoed renter clearly has the insides of his pockets hanging out for all to see the stadium management group is not going to be too willing to open the stadium on the simple answer is no-money-no-leasee........they might not be geniuses but they obviously understand their business code of conduct........

Look, the Gades will get the lease at Frank Clair no problem. And contrary to what many others believe, I believe that having the Gliebermans back in Ottawa is actually a very positive sign of the health of the CFL. The reason I believe this is that it demonstrates that previous owners like the Gliebermans are still willing to make a franchise succesful after the current ownership group of Waters et al. have almost, not intentionally of course, destroyed the football fan base in Ottawa. Good for the Gliebermans wanting to correct both their own mistakes in the past and the current owners mistakes. And hopefully good for the CFL to allow the Gliebermans back if their intentions are actually to make the Gades successful, which I would assume it is.

Good point Earl.
The lease will be signed. As I stated before, our Mayor, Bob Chiarelli, was instrumental in saving Frank Clair Stadium from the wrecking ball and truly loves the game of football. He comes from a great sports oriented Ottawa Valley family and will do what must be done to get a good deal.
And Eski-Moses, the park makes money with other tenants in the winter months whereupon they install an inflatable dome on the field for indoor soccer, touch and flag football, etc. The Renegades are not exactly the sole tenants anymore.

Inflatable dome? How come the Big-O owners never tried that? I guess it seems more simple to buy new 2 billions$ kevlar roofs every five years…

RedandWhite, good analysis. Seems logical when you say it.

I'd feel a lot more comfortable if things weren't coming down to the wire like this. I had no idea that the Renegades had no lease for this season.

But I'm sure everyone involved realizes that a CFL team at Frank Clair is best not only for the CFL but also for the city of Ottawa and Frank Clair itself. Hopefully the property managers, seeing that the team is in a state of ownership transition right now, will cut them a little slack, by either allowing them a 30-day extension of last year's lease, or else agreeing to let them play under a lease to be negotiated later. Not too likely, I know. But perhaps the city can step in and help either in the negotiations or in the lease itself. Otherwise, the league will have to either foot all or part of the bill, or else as a last resort, make arrangements to play a game or two at an alternate site or in the visitor's park.

Does indoor soccer generate revenue from concessions, parking, etc like 20,000 football fans do?

It probably should.

Funny....Third ran this poll last year and guess what...we're taliking about Ottawa again this year........Round, round we go....