The Renegade Riders

No long-winded comments that fill up valuable space please.

Just write down whether or not you support the name Renegade Riders. If not, type what you think the name of the Ottawa team should be.

I will not lose sleep over it either way. Don't be afraid to have fun.

Ren-Riders? Nah.... Nice try though. :slight_smile:

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Dumbest idea ever. And I do mean ever.

You'd end up pissing off everyone. People such as dmont and Sambo, who can't seem to wrap their heads around the concept of having two teams named the 'Riders'. And more sensible chaps like roro and CRFadmin, who understand that 'Renegades' is a failed experiment in brand management, and must be allowed to fade away into misty obscurity of history.

Nope - bad idea. Bad...bad...bad...

Just like you can't seem to wrap your head around the idea that having two teams named the Roughriders is a bad idea for a small league like this? Why open up the CFL brand to ridicule? I'm sure that Ottawa fans who like want the Rough Rider name can still call them that- no matter what nickname the team picks. Its is thinking like yours, Ravenwood, that almost killed this entire league.

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I'm guessing if you had your way Sambo, you'd rename the league the NFL-Canada.

Agreed, anything but Rough Riders!

Nope, far from it. My guess is that you whiney Ottawa fans are still reeling from the Sens loss in the 1st round of the Stanley Cup playoffs and are not thinking clearly! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Your ignorance is really quite astounding. I'm not a Sens fan. I'm a Habs fan. And I live in Toronto. Nice try though!

Regardless, how far did Saskatchewan's team get in the playoffs?

What makes you think we'd all cheer for a team based in Saskatchewan anyway?

IF you are talking about the Riders , they made to the Grey Cup and WON it! I guess it shows your ignorance to ask a vague question like the one you posed. I guess I will go slightly easy on you , considering the one redeeming quality is that you are a Canadiens fan, I'm a Habs fan as well... :wink:

I dont beleive in saskatchewan, or big foot, or whatever else you want to call it…so there

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People make fun of the rouge as well. Should we do away with it?

Honestly I wish they would, its one of the worst rules in sports, only rule I know of that rewards a team for missing an objective.

All it means it that you dont understand the rule....
And In the NHL... you get a can point for losing the game!

According to this guy, it's THE worst rule in sports.

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Thats because he does not understand the rule either....You do not get a point for MISSING a field goal get a point because the other team fails to run it out of the endzone.