The Rematch - Saturday @ Toronto

Both teams' depth charts are posted:

For the Cats, assuming Leonard will be one of the two INT Reserves, I'm wondering who the second will be. On the chart, one would guess Addison, but Coach Jones spoke highly of him, and his versatility, this week and he's also shown as the #1 punt returner for this game. Howsare?

Noticed one error on the TiCat chart, too -- Jones is *'d as an INT, which he's not.

I love guys like Addison, small dynamic athletes. Hope he shows well.
Reminds me of my man crush Willie Quinn from watching vids although Willie did come with a better resume.

The Cats’ victories in Games 9 & 10 have certainly upped my opinion on whether, or not, this year’s edition of our team can be a serious contender for finishing in first place and having a great chance at getting another shot at the Grey Cup. But, I think it’s this return match, where another win despite the historical odds against it, that will make me a full believer.

If I’ve taken in, correctly, what I’ve read in threads here this week, only once (2015) in the past 30 years of hosting on Labour Day, has our team won that game and, also, the following game on their schedule. They’ve gone 19-10-1 in those 30 games on the holiday and just 6-24 in the games played the following week.

Nevertheless, I think how his game goes may be more the coaches against the coaches, in what they’ve done on these days between games, than the players vs. players, and I’m more confident of another win than I probably should be.


Our Depth chart.....

The Titanics Depth chart.....

It’s a tough game to win for sure and a betting man should take the Argos. It really is about game plan and execution probably our biggest failing as a squad. Having said that, this season is all upside down so let’s take the Cats in a thriller!

Carter listed as a backup and no Ball for the Argos

Only way Addison can make K/P returns worse is if he runs in opposite direction. And it would still be close.

YUP, agree. And unfortunately the game where Williams was injured I finally had the feeling that he was starting to be effective returning punts. Showed the old speed burst he was known for.

I'm pretty sure it will be Howsare which would leave four DE's dressed. Addison will be in the line-up for sure.

This game kind of reminds me of our two game winning streak at the beginning of the season.
Then we came out flat against a beaten down Riders team.
Lets hope cats dont get over confident. If they play a sound game, they will win.

It was interesting to watch Williams in that game because his approach to kick returns is very different than Banks. Upon catching the ball Williams has his head up and seems to analyze for a second or two where the lanes are opening up, then makes a juke or two and hits the seam. Banks on the other hand doesn’t possess the same vision and tries to out run the coverage usually down a sideline, which the opposition has figured out.

The Cats on paper are a much better team. But the only way they lose is if they start to self-destruct like they have been doing all season. Even in the games that they won against the Esks and Argos, there were entire quarters that they stunk up. If they can stay disciplined with penalties and avoid turnovers then they will be fine.

Watch out for the second quarter.

Btw, when is the last time we won 3 in a row?

Recall hearing on 1150 yesterday that since Bob Young has taken over the team, when playing TO on Labour Day and then the following week, the cats have won both 3 times, lost both three times and split 3 times.

this may not be accurate, just repeating .

(*just ran through the numbers, really has been a lot of non-labourday labour day week games since bob young has taken over. actual record of sweeps since 2004? argos-3 ticats 1, splits, several)

Black and Forde two games straight ? So much for TSNs Toronto bias. They must hate southern Ontario

Black being employed ruins the league and networks credibility. It's turned into a joke.

3 games on Saturday. We might get Rod Smith and Dunnigan

Think Rod Smith and Dunigan will do the Cal/Ed game? Lol


We won five in a row, weeks 5 through 9. Since then, two's the limit.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.