The regular season is a success

Beware using colloquialisms on this board. They come back to bite you. I know. :wink:

Since early this season, I've been preaching patience with this new coaching staff and players. That Kent Austin and his coaches would bring this team along, that they needed time to develop the starters and backups, create continuity and consistency once the injury problems were under control and the lineup was set.

Here they are, with the first winning season since 2001, and a home playoff date.

Let's keep looking upward and onward, this season and the many years ahead.

I'd also like to thank and apologize to Bob Young. I have always been supportive of him, however I heavily criticized him last year between the firing of George Cortez and the hiring of Kent Austin. Congratulations Bob, as much as I'm happy this team has finally had a winning season for the first time in 12 years, I'm happy you were successful in building a winning franchise for your brother. Let's win next week, Mike and the city of Hamilton are watching :wink: