The regular season is a success

Where are all the doubters now? Hiding away with the Leafs critics :rockin:


I have to admit,I was one of them...

After July,I was really down on this team because it looked like this team couldn't get out of it's way in all 3 phases...

I have to say,the improvement of this team since the beginning of August to right now is extremely impressive.The stabilization of the Defence and the expansion of the Offence has been the noticeable things for me...

I'm keenly interested in the advancement and improvement of our DE's.I think Brandon Boudreaux is a very good Defensive End but I think I'm even more interested in seeing how Eric Norwood does with almost a year under his belt.If we can have a DE on the other side that has to be game planned for,it opens thing up dramatically!!

The placekicking issue is a major problem and it must be adressed in the off season...

Not to hijack the thread, but the two are completely different. The Ticats doubters doubted the fact the cats could post a winning record with the win one lose one pattern they were doing. The Leafs critics are stats people, with numbers to back up the claim that if they don't start shooting more, they won't keep up their run, which IMO us true.

Luckily, the Ticat's final game of the season was against the league's doormats. The Bombers couldn't have beaten a
high school team today. Finishing the at 10 and 8 however, is nothing to be sneezed at considering the season
started at 1 and 5.

Congratulations to Kent Austin and his team for turning it around and landing our Ticats in sole possession of 2nd place.

Its now time to refocus on Montreal. I don't dare look beyond that game, but I'm hoping for two more pleasant surprises.

Go Cats!

I, too, was someone who had serious doubts about this team after the first month. They simply did not look like they had the talent to compete with the rest of the league. What the team has done since the 1-4 start (going 9-4, wow!) was incredible. I have the utmost faith in Kent Austin. It might not be this year, but Austin will lead the Ti-Cats to a Grey Cup victory before his tenure as head coach ends. He's just a good coach, period.

I have to admit I had the Cats pegged for third and was even worried about that prediction after 5 games. just so many challenges they have handled this year make their winning record so impressive. Complete change of coaching staff and systems used by both offence and defence, A temporary home away from home for the year, having one of their home games not be a home game in Moncton, field goal kicker problems, struggling with our return game for much of the season after losing Chris Williams, lots of injuries to many key players, a roster with so many changes from week to week you needed a program.

Yet through it all - after that slow start they played VERY well always bouncing back from any below average performance from August right through to today. Let's hope in a couple of weeks the title of this thread can be edited by deleting the word 'regular'.

Glad to see us break 50, I'm be even happier to see us beat Montreal.

Thank goodness the Als were without Trestman and Calvillo ( mostly)

11-7 Toronto
10-8 Hamilton
8-10 Montreal
3-15 Winnipeg

Just think back If Gable caught that short pass at the end of the very first game of the season.

So… going 9-3 after starting 1-5 is nothing to sneeze at???


What WOULD impress you then??

Some people you just can’t please!

I 5think he more than made up for it during the year, and as I learned from the wizard Mike Campbell, nearly 20 years ago, there are usually about 160-180 plays per game, so one play shouldn't and usually doesn't define a game.
And in the Sutherin era, how many games could have been winners, if the games were only 55 minutes long...
Yu gotta love the CFL.

A success for sure. The regular season is all about making the playoffs and they've done that. Montreal with Smith at QB is very beatable. If Burris is on his game, I can't see them losing to the Als. Beating the Argos will be tough with Ray, Kackert and Owens back.

An Argo-Cat fan

Not really, the Cats own the season series on the Arblows... Ray, Kackert and Owens were not void on all those loses!

I thought the Cats started 1-4 not 1-5, therefore finishing the year at 9-4 which
is amongst the best in the league. edit, just saw your post blogskee

Quickly now,a show of hands many of you thought after going 1-4 to start the season that the Cats would end up 9-4 the rest of the way and get to 10 wins for the first time since 2001. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Count them!!! 10 hands for 10 wins....WAY TO GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Considering this team brought in an entirely new coaching staff,(among those a rookie DC) with a new playbook, a lot of new players, coped and even prospered through the mountain of injuries and lineup changes that went on, and played their home games in a new town and stadium while all this went on, the job that Kent Austin and his staff have done is remarkable.

I am hopeful for the remainder of this season and have great optimism for the future.

Like many, I approached this season with tempered (by team history during this century and being "homeless") optimism and a self-imposed rigid wait-and-see, at the end, attitude. Through 17 games, I didn't hit the highs and lows of previous seasons but enjoyed the noticeable differences I regularly saw in how this team was being prepared and coached. So, I waited, and I saw those differences even more vividly in Game 18 when the Cats won handily -- the only higher ranked team to win their game and more momentum. They did it, following the plan -- one play at a time, one game at a time, with faith in their team regardless of who was on the field. That brought me one of those fan happiness highs.
By season standings, they rank 5th but are on as good a second half roll as BC & TOR, and just a game behind CAL's record over the final 9. We have to be happy with the unexpected winning record. A playoff win, if we get it, will be another something we haven't experienced in a long time. And, if we get that, it's a bonus that might even lead to more this year and that wouldn't now shock me. Certainly, there's no question now, I have high expectations for season one at THF.
I'm very impressed with what Kent Austin has brought to our team with his staff and player choices, philosophy, game planning, coaching, leadership and demeanour.

Me too.

I don't want to overstate our progress. After all, the teams we are competing with now in the east both have had to switch QBs due to injury, and Montreal had to switch coaches, while Hank B has been healthy all year. Yes we've had other key injuries, but so have the others.

I don't much go along with the idea many have suggested, comparing our record after 5 games (1-4) with the rest of the season after that. It puts our progress in the most favourable light, but I think it's more realistic to look at the two halves of the season, or better yet the year as a whole. Other teams have their ups and downs too. We have the fifth best record in the league, and our points for and against are pretty comparable to Montreal's, the only other playoff team that has allowed more points than they've scored.

I hope we'll win next weekend. I think we can. How we'll do against the Argos is another matter. They'll be rested and ready, and healthy too. We've got a decent chance against both of these opponents. We do have momentum on our side at the right time. That can't hurt.

It's realistic that we could make it to the Grey Cup. That would be awesome. Even if we lose next weekend though, I think the team has made progress, and I'll consider the season a successful one. Kent Austin and his staff have done a very good job with the team. I think we'll be very competitive next year.

I think whoever wins next weekend has a shot at winning in toronto so good luck to both teams. congrats on your winning record. must feel good after only 12 years. :wink: will the als start their own winless season streak? :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies if my post wasn't clear enough for you. My only mistake was saying the team started the season at 1 and 5
as opposed to 1 and 4. Nothing to sneeze at is an expression meaning "nothing to put them down for." In other words,
the team going from 1 and 4 to 9 and 3 is nothing to put them down for; rather, congratulations are in order.

Hopefully, this post will clear up any misconceptions you may have had of my previous post.