The Refs & The 'Cats

Why does Hamilton always, always, always get burned by the refs ever game? It's been happening for years.

maybe because hamilton has you as a fan...

The refs dont like assholes

The penalties always seem to hurt more when you're struggling.

I've never been one to complain about officiating, but the Spearing call on Anderson and then the Interference call on Karikari were the difference in the game. Absolutely ridiculous calls.

This post adds nothing to the forum. This is uncalled for. Hopefully it's your last.

trust me i hope it is too

Man you guys have gotten a raw deal on alot of these calls tonight.

As a Bomber fan who was cheering for BC (just because of the division rivarly not because I like BC more) I must admit Hamilton was robbed by poor officiating in this one. I know that good teams find ways to win even when breaks don't go their way, but when a team like Hamilton who is struggling out plays the other team, only to lose due to poor officiating it really does s_uck. I hope George Black and the rest of the CFL brass look into this game. The officiating was completely unacceptable.

Absolutely we got screwed. If an anti-Hamilton guy like Suiter says so, we absolutely got screwed.

Brutal interference and spearing calls for sure, but in the end we kill ourselves with stupid penalties.

that interference call was ridiculous

Both the calls were ridiculous. I'm not sure we can really comment on who "deserved" to win the football game now because of those calls. Both teams we're playing mixed, it was a very even game, and those penalties tipped the balance unfairly.

The spearing and pass interference decided this game no questions asked.

Hamilton is 1-3 in my books... too bad that doesn't count.

Sorry man, but you should be kicked off the site or at the very least suspended.

No need for this kinda crap.

lol fine by me...

this whole issue with the penalties is starting to get retarded.