The refs are at it again

Watkins practically gets his shirt ripped off and no flag

Another non PI call and why did they give offsetting penalties?
Cobourne did nothing wrong!

The non calls are incredible... It is so bad if I didn't know how brutal they are I'd think it's part of the show Pro wrestling style.

The way the refs are calling this game I was sure they were going to call that TD back

The refering in this game was laughable...

They did everything they could to help Hamilton. That roughing the kicker call was the icing on the cake.

When that call happened, I turned to my wife and said, "That is a pity call for the home team." Setta turned in an Oscar performance on that one.

Officiating has become so random and so poor that it's amusing to see how and where they'll mess up in a given game.

Roughing the kicker ? I would call that rubbing the kicker :lol:

There was so much pass interference that our receivers were coming back to the hudle with half their jerseys taken off…

Yet Estelle got flagged for PI merely for being in bump-and-run coverage with his receiver. No hands on jersey, nothing. :roll:

It's really getting quite laughable.

How about the challenge in the BC Cal game yesterday.....

Its the inconsistency that gets me.
One time you have to survive contact with the ground, the next time you dont.
I dont care how they call it, as long as they call it that way every time

Just watching the game again on TSN VOD and I am absolutely flabbergasted at how inconsistent they are with PI.

Cahoon gets rubbed out on second and medium, no call.

Cobourne gets tackled while the ball is still in the air, no call.

But Estelle plays press coverage on a receiver, flag goes down.


Black and Forde are so goddamn biased, it's not funny. They say absolutely nothing when Hamilton players flagrantly foul our receivers without a flag. But the slightest incidental contact from one of our defenders? Then we hear crap like, "Chip Cox may have gotten away with one there."

And how on earth does Cobourne get an UR call when it was Johnson who hit him while on the ground, then piledrived him to the turf well after the whistle?

Well in Forde's defence, he did mention that there should have PI when Watkins had his shirt practically pulled over his head.
He pointed it out and said "He didnt do that to himself!"
Black on the other hand does seem to think that every time there is an incomplete pass....Mtl got away with PI

I begin to think that the idea of having video officials centralized in Toronto, NHL-style is not such a good idea. Looking at Nik Lewis's catch last night, I seriously ask their judgement.

On one hand, it suppose to make the review process faster and to make judgements consistent across the league. However, having those without first-hand observation make final decision of what happens on the field turns out to be a wrong idea. I hope that they can go back to on-field video scope, NFL-style.

On another note, for BC: the league giveth, the league taketh away.

True, but he still won't do it unless it is so blatantly a blown call that he has no choice but to imply the refs messed up.

Black on the other hand does seem to think that every time there is an incomplete pass....Mtl got away with PI
Rod Black is the worst commentator I've ever heard.

They don’t have a clue. They consistently mix up Pass interference and ilegal contact on a receiver. How can they not know the difference. That’s how the Ticats got their touchdown from the one.

On another note it was nice to see the Lions get robbed :slight_smile: What goes around comes around with these zebras

Sorry guys but the roughing the kicker is automatic and the right call, the PI on watkins comapred to the Estelle call that was redonculous, but other than that the refs have been good in this game.

That one is an automatic, you do not touch the kickers leg when it is in the air. (i wish they woudl call it wehen this happens to Duval, they seem to be selective in his case)