The refs and video reply are inconsistent

We lost a game because of a horrible PI call that if thats the standard, the game is done. I watched the riders lose live and watched :oops: :oops: all other games on TV. Edmonton had the same crap calls called on them in first half and the only way they could get a call go their way was by challenge. This new president of this league is driving us to not watch this game anymore. I watch most of the games and I am a season ticket holder, I may have to just watch the NFL instead.
They better get it straight soon, Toronto is more interested in every other sport especially the Blue Jays and their stadium is usually half full, rider fans go to stadiums all over this country and its time the league quits picking on us.
Its hard enough to get USA players to come to such a small city compared to most of the other large cities, now we have to play against other teams and refs and the video ref. Stop the crap and lets be fair. I have watched football for 50 years and I know the difference between a good call and bad ones. These continuous poor calls need to get rectified.

Go Riders Go

in my opinion, consistency in officiating is one of the biggest issues facing the CFL,
Video review is also inconsistent,
the NFL partnership in training officials is not working ?
the field refs and video review official are not held accountable ?
to me it doesn't mater how the rules are interpreted, just keep it consistent, this way the coaches and players know what is being called and what is not, its hard to be consistent when what is legal on 1 play is a penalty on the next play.
the CFL board of governors should get together ASAP and iron out the issues facing the on field product, as the credibility of CFL is at stake, once the BOG decides on a definite action then the commissioner, and all employees of the CFL will be directed by the BOG's as to the course of action that needs to be taken to restore the CFL's credibility.

Agree with both posts above.

Is anyone in the CFL office even paying attention to this issue?