The referees stole our game!

Did you see what the referees did during the game between the Als and the Lions? They said that no play had been made after a touchdown by Cobourne because they did not put the clock at the right time! Isn't it cheating? I'm a Als fan and I totally disagree! Could anyone explain me why the referees had the right to take us 7 points out (and they canceled us two plays straight)!

I hope that Als will have an explanation for this referee's corruption.


YAh I got the answer! the refs are MORONS!!!

before that second play TSN shows one of the officials approaching Trestman and telling him that the clocks had to be changed back to 1:00. so what was the problem after that!?!?!Complete B.S.

I think im going to write a letter to the CFl explaining that I have no more tv remote because I had nothing else to smash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I just drank 3 Red Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If those refs were in front of me god bless them because I would smash them into pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've also seen this on RDS but what's the most important? Some seconds missing on the clock or a touchdown? I believe that the fans prefer to watch the games to see touchdowns than to see if the clock is showing the right time...

I was just stating that the bench's were already aware about the clocks being reset at 1:00 before the Als got robbed of the touchdown.Very disappointing coming from a league still looking for respect.

Boy are you right! If the clock had not been reset correctly, then why couldn't Command Central simply review the replay and set the correct time "after" the play was completed?

It's obvious that time had not run out on the game, and the Lions would have had the exact time remaining that they would have had if the clock had been set correctly.

With this solution, neither team could have any objection... wake up CFL!!

I was fuming when they made that call, and I still agree it was total bullshit, but it wasn't bad for the Als. Montreal was going to get a holding penalty on that play, negating Cobourne's touchdown and leaving us at 3rd and long instead of 3rd and 1.

This is why Buono was losing his shit on the ref after the call was made, not out off the goodness of his heart for how his opponent had been cheated out of tying the game, but because the penalty was off along with the play.

The call wiped the play, wiped the penalty and left us with 3rd and 1, which we failed to convert when Cobourne cut in instead of cutting to the outside again. Mickey Mouse as the call was, it helped us, not hurt us.

Crazy game though, I can't remember yelling at the tv so much in ages!

The reason your play for the TD was recalled is because the play clock in the stadium was incorrect. The previous play was stopped because of a BC time out; therefore, the clock should not have started at the placing of the ball. You may want to consider the facts, before ranting on and on about some make believe corruptions.

We have a new "Montreal Screwjob"!

This takes the cake!

Most pathetic call ever!

And you should realize that it's not as black and white as you think. Some are saying the clock was already reset. Others are saying it wasn't. Some are saying the penalty was this. Others are saying it was that.

The only people who would know whether the game clock was reset or not would be people who were at the game. The clock that is shown at the bottom of the screen on TSN is NOT the official game clock.

You know, I'm not usually one to blame a loss on the officiating, and clearly we had other problems in all three phases of the game all night long. But we were screwed out of a win. I have no other way to explain what happened in the fourth quarter. I don't care whether or not they'd reset the clock: either way, the officials gave the game to B.C. We ran a play in good faith on 3rd and 1 that resulted in a Montreal TD, but had it called back because an official didn't reset the clock? That's ludicrous and embarrassing to the league.

Let's not even get into the garbage PI call we got in the first half that set up BC's touchdown, and then the total non-call when Phillips took down Richardson on a long Calvillo pass.

Also, that was probably the worst game out of our linebacking corps. Emry was crap all night, got lost in the wash, was out of position on tackles, and Cox did his usual stellar job of blowing coverages in the flat, leading to big gains for the Lions. We cut T.J. Hill to make room for Cox at linebacker? Ugh.

You hate to blame the refs, however that by far and away was the worst calls that I have seen in the CFL.
Murray Clarke is the name of this head ref and he is horrible. I have watched him in other games since the league promoted his from a linesman position last year.
Either demote him back or get rid of him.

Watch the replay. The flag was not holding, it was offside BC.

That last minute reffing was BS. Way to ruin a great game.

It is the curse of "The House of Doom" AKA BC Place. Apparently the refs are in cahoots. That BS call was the icing on the cake. There were many other dubious calls including an interference where on replay it wasn't even clear to the TSN crew what was being called. Let's just forfeit the away game in BC moving forward and save on the expenses of going to the coast. :thdn: On another note........stay tuned for "The Kill on the Hill" next Sunday...........revenge. :rockin:

It is infuriating to watch a game be decided by a referee's call that leaves everyone scratching their head in confusion. It is absolutely inexcusable to call off a touchdown with no explanation as to why. No, I'm sorry, but "we had to re-set the clock" does not qualify as a reason; it was, at best, a statement that meant nothing and did nothing to clarify why seven points were taken off the board. It will be interesting to hear what Tom Higgins has say about this and how quickly he does so. Will heads roll? (I highly doubt it, but the mere thought alleviates at least some frustration!)

Go 'Riders!

Tom Higgins has replied to this, I posted it in the BC guy's apology thread, but here's the link to the article

(here's the 2nd version of the article, first is in the other thread)

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