The referees stink too

I'll just quote myself from another thread again.

The ref screwed up the way he announced it the first time last night, and completely botched the second one.

The 'Cats certainly did stink out there. The defence couldn't stop anything. But the Refs are garbage!

Two plays come to mind right off the top of my head...

  1. The CLEARLY visible strip of the ball by Beveridge. Sure, the refs have to make these calls in live-action... but C'MON! These refs are "professionals" that's a play that any half-decent ref should have seen! Terrible.

  2. The call on Printers for spiking the ball. C'mon... are you kidding me!??!?! Maybe give him a warning not to do it again or something... but a penalty for that?!? Next thing you know you won't be allowed to celebrate a TD incase it hurts someones feelings. After that the scores will cease to be shown on the scoreboard. This way the losing team doesn't have to feel ashamed.

Thanks for clearing that up JFL. I still hate the replay. They could have 3 days to look at the clip and they still wouldn't get it right most of the time.

Don't even get me started on the taunting penalty. The stuff I saw in the Calgary game and the little dances MTL did over Casey when they sacked him weren't taunting, but THAT was?? Classic CFL referee work.

There is also a matter of balance when refereeing ANY, baseball, etc.
What I saw last night for the officials was not balanced at all!
I know that the Cats did not do themselves any favours with their lack of discipline, but come on, you can't sink a team like that. It sucks the energy and flow out of the team and game.

OMG i know. It was absolutley ridiculas to see. I am going to write a letter to Tom Higgins about this, because it is ABSOLUTEY OUTRAGOUS! :@

How do you think i can contact tom higgins? lol

i have to admit, they have to improve the refereeing in this league. Sure we had a few bad calls, but it wasn`t their fault we lost the game. We did get one lucky call( the woodcock grab deep in their zone. On the replay it showed his foot was slightly out of bounds)

do you really expect them to notice that loyalticatfan, when they can't even notice that the ball is NOT in the hands of the punt returner, but it IS in the hands of SANDY BEVERIDGE?

Honestly, It is so ridiculas!

I agree Blitz.

That Sandy Beveridge call was such B.S. Maybe Coach Taaffe should have gave the ref an earfull on that call!!

they have to send tape to the league or something, because I have been a seasons tickets holder for my whole life, and I can not remember a game with such bad officiating, ever!

They were completely biased, and there is just no way that they had seen all of the calls that they made. Like it is actually so frusterating for me! It makes me not want to go to games anymore. I will continue to go because Hamilton Obviously needs the support right now, and because I Love this team! But if the refs continue like this I will seriously have to consider some things.

Bad maybe, but biased???? Do you really think their is a plot by the refs to make sure the TiCats look like crap?

No i don't think there's a plot, i think that they were harder on Hamilton last night than Montreal. Therefore, they showed favouritsm towards Maontreal, Therefore they were biased.


I used to think they were against us, but now I know they are just completely inept :wink:

After the Mitchell fumble review,which I guess wasn't a "fumble review",Marwan Hage had an animated discussion with Bud Steen.Son of a gun if Hage isn't called for holding on the Cats' next possession.On reviewing the Beveridge ball steal today,perhaps the Cats should have asked Steen to review if the runner was down by contact.Duane Forde on TSN simply said that the replay is there for the officials to get it right.
One last point about the officiating- do we really need all of the conferencing about penalty options? NFL officals look to the team bench for a nod or gesture of acceptance or rejection of the penalty.The play goes pretty seamlessly while in the CFL we have "zebra scrums" ad nauseum.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

There actually was a study done a few years ago about officiating in sports. I remember hearing about it. It explored the correlation between the colour of teams uniforms and the number of penalties given. The results showed that teams wearing black are penalized more then any other colour. Interestingly, teams wearing blue (!) are penalized the least.

I don’t remember where the other colours fit in, but I remember those two cuz I automatically thought of Ticats and blue team.

The CFL has the worst officials in all of Sports.... They're a bunch of Brain Dead Morons....


and fans of just about every other league in the world will say the same thing.

ref bashers are the real brain dead morons.

FYB , the opinion of an idiot such as yourself means nothing to me....

simple minded people rarely care about the opinions of people higher up in the IQ pyramid. At least thats what they tell themselves.

higher IQ thats funny.... You're just a loud Mouthed Obnoxious Turd ....