The referees stink too

They make it hard to watch the game.

Too many calls. Too many bad calls.

Twice as many penalties as the NFL.

Do something about it or lose fans.


The refs wont change that suckery that is the ti-cats.

We got our butt kicked. But missing that play where Beveridge clearly had the ball demonstrates, in so many ways, that the CFL has become not much more than a bush league. A blind man could have seen that. Sad times...

Maybe they should get a bigscreen tv for the review booth? :thup:

They did bow a couple of calls but that still doesn't account for the 30 + points on the board.

I agree completely. I have a hard time watching this game (CFL) due to the inconsistens of the refering. Hamilton was called for holding time and time again. Killing drives. How many did Montreal get?

I believe Shultz once said that there is holding on every play, then why is it always called against us?

Tonight was painful, it will be a long season if this continues.

The way I see it is this, Cats never get breaks when it comes to refering, other teams fans have pointed that numerous times on other sites, if this keeps up and hamilton keeps losing (due to lack of momentum created by the Refs)the sad truth is this team will be done. Fans are already starting to boycott this team and the league. Once were done, Toronto will be right behind us. NFL will move in. CFL will be terminated.

I hope this don't happen but the sad truth is IT WILL. :thdn:

My only complaint in on the refs was the first review where they come back saying it was an unreviewable play. If that's the casse why would they review it?

This isn't about belly first post was that the Ticats stink.
They lost because they stink.

This post is about the poor officiating.
The NFL is threatening out game. Those of us who post here are not the worry....we are CFL fans.
The worry is that game in and game out, year in and year out....the officiating is terrible.
Look at the number of penalties.....I think an average of 20 in a CFL game to 12 in an NFL game is check.

This is no way to compete.

The refereeing is and has been terrible. It does not improve. A play does not go by where you can confidently cheer without looking for a flag.

This increases the NFLers perception of bush league.
This needs to be, and has always needed to be, addressed.

Apparently it has not.

Must agree there were plenty of idiot calls tonight, many of them outright "boneheaded".

The Cats have a reputation for taking penalties, and the zebras are only to happy to comply by giving us "bad" calls.

Did this cost us the game tonight? No, of course not.

We were horribly out-coached and out-played, and showed our team as undisciplined from the top down (the penalty for "no end" on the FG, the penalty for "taunting" by Printers, letting his mouth once again run off like a soup sandwich)

Does a 3-4 Defence work? Not in living memory, and not you "rush" 3 guys when Montreal is 1st and 15 (noting they are a pass happy bunch, can block with 5 and add an RB to the set) and have 2-3 minutes to run their play successfully...

We have SERIOUS coaching issues...the ONLY bright light is Danny Nac there for our QB's...

we were bad tonite and we woudl have easily been crushed anyway. but the the officiating is terrible. that one fumble call alone was brutal.

I can't do any better, but then again, I'm not paid to and it's not my job.

FYB, Ticat fans aren't blaming this loss on the refs. We lost that game all on our own. I think most ticat fans know that. Just making an observation on that stupid call late in the game (admittedly out of reach).

BTW, can you honestly tell me you have never gotten PO'd at a ref? Ever? I would find that hard to believe.

I agree with the original post. The refs didn't cost us the game but they sure as heck did not help. They have to learn to get out of the way and let the game be played. Their constant calls make watching the games tedious. I agree that if they are allowed to continue to influence the games, fans will go to the NFL or just get so frustrated that they will not bother watching. The refs need to be told that they are not the stars out there and they should not be the biggest factor on every play,

Al Bruno used to have his teams convinced the refs were out to get them. He'd convince them they had to beat, not only the opposition, but the refs too.
The 'Cats have been getting burned by the refs for decades.

Do the refs actually watch the ball?
How could they not see Walters pull the ball out?
They blow the whistle and the guy tackled doesnt have the ball....that might be a hint it was fumbled or there was a change of possession.
And the play cant be reviewed? If an important play like a fumble cant be reviewed, why have any???
And yes the game was out of reach....but putting 2 scores on the board at the end might have given the team alttle shot in the arm for the next game and got the 300 fans that were left off their hands again.
But yes they sure continue to take stupid penalties and going on 3rd down so early in a game always seems to cost them and it spirals down from there. Why give another team any chance of momentum early....its 50/50 your going to get stopped...kick it and wait to do that when its do or die.

The best part was that Armstead was still standing up, it's not like he was close to having a knee down or in the act of falling down.

The only person on the ground was Beveridge and he was the one with the ball!

I know it's not their full-time job, but come on gentlemen, at least pay attention to the game for the full 60 minutes.

You can't review a fumble in the field of play? What? Then why even have instant replay?

TSN uses it all the time to make you referees look like clowns! Mr. Higgins, tell your posse to fight back by making the right calls for once!

  • paul

Folks, the score was 33-10. The refs did not account for the 23 point diffential. The guys in the black and gold outfits lost this one all by themselves.

An Argo-Cat fan

The refs did kill any momentum we got at many points in the game. We'd get a big play then it would be called back due to extremely questionable holding calls, it was tough for a young team to overcome.

EXACTLY!! I hated the fact that we were bringing in the replay and this kind of nonsense is exactly the reason why. What the hell IS reviewable. I remember fumbles being challenged. What is different about that situation??

I was livid when he came back after all the time he took and then said it wasn’t reviewable. What a joke.

They didn’t cost us the game, but they did make it so much harder to watch. I couldn’t believe some of the things they called and didn’t call. It’s going to be a long year.

The Taunting penalty was terrible. Casey makes a big play to get a crucial first down when his team is struggling, so he shows a little exhuberance and gets nailed for a TAUNTING penalty. When did this turn into the No Fun League. That was a momentum killer and was completely unnecessary. Montreal's touchdown celebration skit is far more of a taunt than an honest display of emotion.

The National Post referred to CFL officials as Keystone Kops yesterday and that is bang on. Officials in any sport have a tough job, but I tell you this, last night's game was the first time I can remember thinking that the officiating was spoiling my whole fan experience. I can handle losses. I don't like them, but that's part of the game. What I am struggling with is the total lack of professionalism, consistency, and judgement that is evident in CFL officials.