The record.....for the record

A friend of mine did the math, but here it is: (in his words)

[i]Our last winning season (if you want to call it that) was 2004 when we were 9-8-1.

Since then our team record is 38 wins and 81 losses that's a winning percentage of .319 in 7 years.[/i]

So, assuming my friend's calculations are correct, I think anything the upper management does at this point to change this stagnancy is totally justified. (however creative or "out of the box" thinking it may be)

Something has to change for the long haul 8)


Unfortunately Scott MItchell is not ready to do anything. I seem to recall comments from him last week ( in Drew's blog?) about no changes in the coaching staff. He seems to think it's only a matter of time before Marcel comes up with a winner.
Tell that to all the fans who left the game early Friday night.

I left with 10:34 remaining. I've NEVER left that early before. Even in the stinky years prior to Bob buying the team (even the 1-17 season!) I generally stayed until the bitter end. The thing that bothers me the most is that this team has SO MUCH promise, yet keeps SHOOTING ITSELF IN THE FOOT. I'll be at the next home game (not in Moncton, though). Does anyone know of any stores that still use brown paper bags - I think I might need one soon if this continues (especially since I sit in Box H where most of the visiting team's fans sit). :cry:

Same story, Mike. We pulled out of our seats at 10:57 left. NEVER have I done that.

Hi Mr62cats:

If Mitchell is that determined to stand by a coach who is satisfied with the performances we have been seeing this season, then he better have a darned good explanation handy when Bob asks him about the increasing empty stands at Ivor Wynne.

It's too bad he doesn't have the same loyalty to the ticket buyers. They're the only ones who have been showing up every game!!!

Yup, us too. We usaully stay right to the end, but we left, bitterly disgusted with that pathetic display of football, in the 3rd quarter.

The only reason we stayed til the bitter end was to not have any lines at the washroom or getting out of the parking lot. It’s the first time I can remember walking to the lot alone.

You'd have been surprised how empty Lot J was when we got to our car in the 3rd quarter.


Live in the past, your left behind !!