The Receiving Core


Its looks like we will be going with americans and three canadians this year.

Matt and Armsted are a given. So are French and Grant for Canadian positions.

So, who is going to be our last import receiver ???

Jamal Richardson. Had some good games last year but still has lots to learn. Has good size and speed but doesn't always run the right route and drops the odd ball.

Karsten Bailey. I have heard from riders sources that he wasn't just floating last year but was actually hurt most of the season. Didn't drop any balls but didn't run hard enough to catch any either but still is a former 3 round NFL pick and Auburn state receiving champ.

Travis Moore. Is he willing to play one for year for chum change ( 60,000). Good hands, knows how to get open but at 36 can his body take an entire season ???

Sam Breeden- Don't know much about him but if they send you to NFL Europe they think you have potential. Most NFLers are flat out released.

At the canadian position the only real question is doesn't Tonkara or Hoffard get the 6th position.

I would say to keep Hoffart, he showed some promise last year, Tounkara is good but maybe another team can give him more playing time.... Im not sure Grant is a given for a Canadian reciever, he does make some big plays, but then disappears from the QB's radar for long stretches... maybe he doesnt run good enough routes to get open....

Well IF Travis Moore Isnt to old to play or what ever. I would pick him if not i would pick Jamal Richardson He seems To get some tough yards after he catches the ball.

I like what I saw last year from Karsten Bailey. With the injuries last year he saw lots of playing time and really impressed people. I think they should release Moore, if he does not retire. I hope the Riders keep Ricardson, he has been inconsistant in recent years, but he has matured as a player and could be a big threat as an inside receiver.

Moore isn’t even listed on the riderville roster anymore. That indicates to me that chances are he won’t be back, but I suppose one never knows for sure. Bailey would be okay, if he would ever run to catch the damned ball…I would like to see Breeden get a shot, personally.

I would be happy if Bailey didn't play. He didn't show any Hearst out there in my opinion. Many times he ran rounded routes, and lazy fades, and wasn't were he was supposed to be. If you are hurt give your spot to someone who isn't. Otherwise perform.
I would also like to see Breeden, heard good things.

I think Sam Breeden.. I think he is gonna be a great reciever

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Grant got released.

From today's LeaderPost.....Corey Grant has been waived.....

are there any rumors that the riders are still interested in Gilles Colon........he still hasnt re-signed with the bombers........

I've heard rumours that the Riders are still interested, but they are just that - rumours - and I've heard nothing to back them up.

well the bombers have kevin glenn, santino hall, omar evans and the thing have in common? all are former riders... even used to have a head coach that we "cast off"..... and look where you ended up... too bad it will be the same this year....maybe the bombers will take corey grant too....

Sambo u may be on to something lol.

the topic, gang, should be receiving "corps", not "core".

If we're going to use the English language, let's at least try to use it properly.

we forgive mistakes that might be occasionally made, but when you get someone like KK who butchers the english language , then that where you drew the line, LOL(only kidding KK)

No the word core can be used here which would mean, in this instance, the most important part of the Saskatchewan Roughriders receivers (or basically who will be our starters). But if the original poster was talking about every single Riders receiver, you are correct the word corps should have been used.

I'm much more impressed with the potential receivers we have this year than I have been in quite some time..... with a healthy Dominguez on one side, Armstead on the other..... that Fantuz kid seemed to do alright in the CIS, with that whole setting records thing he did..... the rest, well, we're a running team, right? :slight_smile:

[quote="42monkey42"]IONLY if the qb was worth the sacrifice, otherwise we have what we had last year with likely fewer dropped balls. I agree though, it does look better for us, let's hope they can all click in the locker room too as what happens in there pours onto the field as we all know.....Greene was a prime example, he was an idiot in his personal life and that transferred onto the field.....

I think you missed my point sammy..........I would be happy if the riders gave up on Colon.......I like him and want to see him back with the Bombers........Cory thanks.......

I didnt miss the point.. just ignored it