The Receivers

A Good game all round from them. Thurman made some clutch catches in traffic. RJ Franklin caught a few good short yardage passes. The Shocker played ok and had a nice catch and run play. Brazzell was a little dissapointing after last weeks big game but then again it was against a shitty defense last week. AND MILT played another awesome game! he was all over the place and took alot of big hits.

Probably gotta cut Brazzel a bit of slack as Toronto doesn't give up the big play and he's a big play guy. He'll probably always be a guy who either has 150 yards or more or 40 or less. Was good to see Glenn spread it around.

I agree, but thats what really frusterates me about him. He dissapears if he isnt involved early in the game and thats too bad cause he is a gamebreaker.

The only thing that our receivers could have done better was get some more YAC yards not many catch and run plays.

The argos got alot of YAC yards on the other hand.

How many receivers does winnipeg have:
Johnson III
Shockmain Davis

Daryll Ray*
Chad Rempel*

The last two seperatrd dont play, but other than that they have 6 Receivers to cycle through 3 american spots and 2 (Good enough to play) Canadians for 1 spot. LOL. Its pretty funny how many Potentially starting guys they have. Eery guy above the line is good enough to start. BTW *=Canadian. It amazes me though how many there are. Like I remember a few years back, they had some good receivers, but just enough to fill the starting spots. The bombers could have enough to make 2 corps and still have a contending team.

Iunno I think we only have 2 above average receivers right now and the others still need to prove themselves in the cfl.

Looks like Shockman is a victim of the ratio......he is sitting out against the Als, so Franklin and Stoddard will get more turns.....I hope they both have great games.....

...Stods hasn't done too much this year....i think he was injured early in t.c.....he's i like this kid....what a find....someone for the future....great moves and savvy...i'm waiting for him to have a break-out game ...with a little more experience,,,this guy is gonna be dangerous.. :thup: :rockin: