The Receivers

These guys are an embarrasement to the team, the fans and the league. How do you account for all those dropped passes at key times. Yeast, Brazzel (dickhead) and Flick took so many turns ensuring a loss that you'd wonder if they weren't accepting grease from somewhere. They all played better that previous, I'll give them that, except when it really counted. None of these guys deserve to be playing football here or anywhere else, unless they want a clean slate in pissing another town completely off. Only Moreale can be excused. The rest of these bums should have fans throwing things at them. You're paid to catch the ball, if you can't then don't complain. But the Cats are stupid enough to keep these guys. I would realease DJ Flick this morning. He's a pain in ass with his missed routes, penalties. He's the weakest link and he should be FLICKED like a booger.

I think that our Recievers arent that bad. I can agree that there not doing that great. But it's only week 5 MOst of them havent played much fotball at the professional level yet. There for the most part still getting used to the style and physical play of the CFL. There not used to the intensity yet. I'll always believe that Mcmanus is our biggest problem. Ive said it before and ill say it again. How long is everybody goign to make excuses for him. He was bad 3 years ago. And its been his recievers fault every year. Oh they could've faught for the ball more or the interceptions he threw last year shouldnt matter he had a 5000 yard season. Yes he had a 5000 yard season that isnt helping us is it. He threw to many interceptions last year for all the yards passing he got to even matter. He probably threw just as many interception yards last year as he did passing yards :wink: Get rid of Mcmanus and keep the recievers. I like all of our recievers. I will always believe that Mcmanus is our problem until somebody can prove otherwise to me.

it doesnt take 5 games with 2 pre season for the recievers to start to CATCH the ball, they are a lazy group that wont block for there back, cut off routes early and dont go full speed. DM is a easy scapegoat for you, dont blame a future hall of fame qb for this, you would of beat bc if it wasnt for your pop warner receiving core.

I already poised this question to Buford a couple of nights ago, but does anyone this the team is not playing for McManus?

If receivers keep dropping the ball they should be cut from the team and other receivers brought in. Why Greg Marshall is putting up with this crap is beyond belief. By not doing anything Marshall will only create dissension among the team. Also your team could lose faith in Marshall as a coach. It does't take a genius to look at game tape and see who is doing their job and who is not. Those who are not doing their job should be cut. You guys had I believe a 9-9 record last year so obviously there is dissension in the team this year.

Just when you think it couldn't get any worse....our friend Craig Yeast decides to perfect the art of dropping passes, by dropping one with the Cats mounting a time constricted final drive and almost manage to pull off the win and unfortunately.....Ticat fans were denied by Yeast.

Do I think Yeast should have caught the ball, yes, yes, yes, 100% yes. I didn't see the game, but caught the highlight. If the play you're talking about is the same one as I'm thinking of I don't think Yeast dropped the ball. It was out of his reach. If Yeast would have left his feet to make the play, I think he would have had it. But he didn't, and that kind of frustrates me.

I'm not picking on Yeast.....he's not the only one misplaying some balls right now.......Whatever it is, it's contagious so they have to find out what it is and fix it in a hurry.

Take a page from Jim Daleys book and start cutting some of these guys before the season is lost. It will also send a message loud and clear to the rest of the team that this crap cant go on.

The season, if not already lost is circling the drain and it's only a matter of time before it goes down. This is a team, thanks to Bob Yong and Ron Lancaster, that are only now beginning to learn what they should already know, due to personal experience......that you can't win on the cheap and a silvery tongue. We are literally reviving the phrase, folding up like a cheap suitcase and wearing it well......

Fear is not a motivator! There are better ways of sending messages to players than cutting a guy unless there are some other issues that are affecting the player and the team.

I have no idea why McGarrity for example, wasn't as successful as was before or why Hamilton's Craig Yeast is pulling the crap he is pulling. If I were a coach, I'd be concerned as to why McGarrity for example who was so successful just a year ago is now struggling. I'd work with the guy to find a solution as an asset one year shouldn't become a major liability the next. You don't lower your expectations of the player, you just don't do it by instilling fear.

Old school is to cut a guy for making an error and sending a message. It don't work in the new world today and with today's players.

What is going on in practice that the standards aren't being set there is one question? Are they great in practice and suck in games? Are they too uptight or trying to impress? Is their a "cancer" in the midst which does justify cutting or trading a guy.

Great and good players aren't motivated by fear of the result if they drop the ball or miss an assignment. If coaches and players are focused only on the negatives, then that is what will happen. It is much like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Good performance in games begins with good performance in practices. Guys screwing up in training mean screw ups in games. What separates the guys on the practice roster from the playing team may be little in the way of skill and sometimes even experience. A PR guy probably is more concerned NOT to make an error in practice than a vet who loses focus for a brief moment or play making it harder on the PR player than the relaxed vet who knows he is not going to get cut or benched or moved. Good coaches create an environment in which players can improve their skills and this allows motivated players to perform at their best.

When a team is struggling it takes people to step up and do their jobs and others will follow.

What I will grant you is that there are coaching situations where kicking ass and taking names might work for a short term and only short term or players will tune you out. It works when a new coach comes into a bad situation, kicking ass and taking names works - but only short-term. Look at some of the disciplinarian coaches that BC Lions had - Wayne Robinson - lasted about two years. Vic Rapp - eventually that style of leadership won't work as guys tune them out. One story about Rapp is that he was meeting with the Lions in Vancouver right after being introduced as the new head coach and as he was talking in walked RB Barry Houlihan. Houlihan started high fiving guys as he walked in and Rapp apparently stared at this and then said: "I don't know who you are or what you are doing, but if your future is with the British Columbia Lions, sit down and shut up!!!" That sent a message and Rapp worked here for a few years and not sure if he ever got another head coaching job again. He also cut Canadian veteran player Wayne Smith who arrived late to camp because of his all-star game commitments. That too sent a message but you gotta ask at what price when you consider a player an asset. You wouldn't throw out your RRSPs like that.

The issue for most of the "kick ass" coaches is that they don't modify their leadership styles as the team gets better and performances are improved. They can be one error from a screaming frenzy that won't work over time. The best coaches know when it is time to kick butts in short term situations and they know which butts out of 40 guys that can be kicked successfully.

From my coaching experience and with teams that were always at or near the top most years, I'd kick my team leaders butts if the overall team performance was lower than it should have been. In front of the team, I'd say to a couple of individuals that 'if you don't get this going, we're gonna get killed'. My theory there was that other players hearing this were likely thinking -'Hey I better start producing- if he thinks so and so and so and so are bad, then what is he thinking about my brutal play cuz I'm even worse'. But this don't work every game!!! Selective use of that. This wasn't the only trick in the half time arsenal but there are times and places to kick butt - you just can't do that all the time. You have to be in control of your emotions as a coach even when angry. I always thought I was a good actor and controlled anger from a coach is just that - all theatre as you're really trying to impact the theatre in the players' minds to get the desired change.

Rapp and Don Matthews came out of Edmonton from under Hugh Campbell and look at the differing careers of both. Don is a player's coach as they say. If you play for him and are on the same page, you will do fine. Rapp was too fiery and too much of a disciplinarian apparently to last as a head guy.

My first senior soccer coaching position after being a successful youth coach was with a team that was 0 and 16 the year before. I asked for authority to kick ass and clean house as needed and got it. We finished 7 and 9 and went to the 1/4 finals in Cup play that first season but it took some tough actions during the first part of the year to get everyone on the same page and we brought guys in right up to the mid season point when all the bad apples were gone and everyone was on the same page.

Last story- Billy Martin was probably the best one year turnaround manager in baseball but it never lasted too long as vets tune the crap out after awhile and he'd get fired again.

Don't know Daley's style but he should be embarrassed to say that he has taken Spurgeon Wynn from a player his former coach (Buono) says should be a starter somewhere in the CFL to his 4th QB now on IR with "turf toe" allegedly and this is a guy who saw no turf this year? I suspect coaching is an issue here and if I were GM I'd be mighty concerned with how Daley is destroying assets not developing them.

Daley's record to date suggests that coaches need to take note of the successful CFL coaches - Buono, Matthews, Ritchie...etc. They have the winning formulas on treating players right and still getting results.

Gregg Marshall is perhaps the nicest guy on earth but he doesn't seem to be doing to well getting their attention at all. Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? That old sixties song wondering aloud where the perfect leaders and role models are......They never existed. They were all figments of our imgination that we all breathed life, meaning and importance into. Winning and losing comes down to 2 things. Knowledge and preparation.

i no hamilton sucks cuz winnipeg is gonna kick there ass!!!

Well get in line because you won't be the first nor the last. But seriously, I've seen the Blue Bummers play and they aren't going undefeated anytime soon.........Maybe Kahari will have to relieve Brady and then we'll all see what the Cats can do with an #1 and 2 mobile QB for a change. At the very least, it will stress out your secondary.

There is no question that his sophomore CFL year isn't working the way it should. This is not a bad football team and they will turn it around before too long. Granted it won't be the best season in Ti-Cat history but Greg Marshall did not become a bad coach overnight somehow. The question in the pros is how long they give you to get the ship back on course.